Monday, July 20, 2009

MUSIC: The Royal Flush to PJ's Straight Flush—New AIC Single

Looking more smug in the above pic than George Clooney and Chris Osgood combined, WITH EVERY RIGHT TO BE, the current lineup of Alice in Chains busted out this sonic slap to the face recently. Click the "Download" link below for an MP3 of "A Looking In View" . . . before the Google cops bust me. The album, "Black Gives Way to Blue," drops September 29.

A highlight of everything I already said to Dave regarding its greatness:
Doob(6:40:32 PM): i am pretty much losing my shit over aic right about now
Doob(6:45:13 PM): 6:14 and 6:27 especially it gets so kyuss i feel like i am gonna freak out
Doob(6:57:14 PM): get further up in the 6:00 area
Doob(6:57:15 PM): christ
Doob(6:57:20 PM): it's bone chilling
Doob(6:59:55 PM): christ, mike starr, if it took you 10 years to develop that bass riff, it was WELL worth it
Doob(7:00:37 PM): actually, i dont know if it's jerry in a bass amp, a la josh in the kyuss generator days
Doob(7:00:38 PM): jesus
Doob(7:00:42 PM): nothing new sounds like this
Doob(7:02:57 PM): my face just fell off my head
Doob(7:03:22 PM): HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN AROUND?!?!?!?!??!
Doob(7:06:57 PM): ohhhhhh
Doob(7:07:11 PM): it's still the best song i have heard in forever



Andy said...

"it's still the best song i have heard in forever"


Herb said...

PJ's Got Some: a knee slapper
PJ's the Fixer: a toe tapper
AIC's A Looking in View: a goddamn punch in the face.

Nobody may want to sound like PJ anymore, but nobody CAN sound like AIC. Just flat-out awesome.