Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holy Shit

The Season 6 cast photo has just been released, and it's a goodie. Real quick, I'll give you 5 interesting things about the photo.

5. They decided to keep quiet about cast members returning from the dead. We all know Boone and Charlie (and hopefully Juliet) are probably coming back, and it would've been sweet to see them here, but it looks like we won't be seeing them at all until their return episode.

4. Locke as our savior Jesus Christ. Too bad he doesn't have abs like big JC. Still, he's the only one that has been resurrected before the rules changed.

3. Sayid's greased-up arms. No one else is glistening with sweat, so what gives, Sayid? I'm pretty sure he's got Judas' spot, right? Does that hint at some pretty big foreshadowing? Maybe he's the one who takes down Locke... not the Doc.

2. Furthermore, Jack's position makes him seem more like Locke's confidant and right-hand man. Part of me is kinda wishing that everyone was wearing their season 1 outfits (and now you're wishing it, too).

1. They don't even have to say anything... I still hate Kate and Sawyer. Without Juliet, Charlotte, and Rousseau, the cast is devoid of hot chicks.

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