Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2009 FLOBY Winners

Over the past weekend, the 4th Annual FLOBY Awards were held, celebrating the very best and worst of film in 2009. Though marred by minor technical difficulties and some audience members who didn't give a shit (like my grandma's boyfriend), I declare the ceremony a rousing success. Unlike boring old Oscar, where the Best Picture, Actor/Actress, Supporting Actor/Actress, Animated Film, and Original Score were expected to win, FLOBY was filled with surprising and unprecedented moments.

For the first time in the history of FLOBY, one film pulled a Silence of the Lambs and swept the major awards. In a shocking (at least to me) turn of events, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS took home the awards for Best Picture, Best Actor (Christoph Waltz), and Best Actress (Melanie Laurent). You'll remember from my predictions that I was correct about one of them, but thought that zero of them deserved it. But that's not because Inglourious Basterds was an undeserving film; in fact, it was incredibly entertaining. I thought that for our simple Academy of 12, the heavy use of foreign languages and subtitles mixed with a fractured plot and a ton of characters would be too much to bear. To my tickled surprise, it wasn't.

But that's not forget about FLOBY's ugly kid sister, CARNY, for she also came very close to a clean sweep. Transformers 2 was named Worst Film, with Megan Fox winning the Worst Actress race. I didn't see the wretched film, but am satisfied with it's horrific finish. For the Worst Actor race, Shia Labeouf couldn't complete the trifecta, and instead the CARNY went to Will Ferrell for his work in Land of the Lost. Again, since I try to avoid films that I know will suck ass, I avoided that shitty film too.

And who joins Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford as FLOBY Lifetime Achievers? In another FLOBY first, a comedian was honored.....

And just for fun, here's my list of the Top Ten movies of 2009. Full speed ahead to FLOBYS 2010!

10. Taken
9. Zombieland
8. Adventureland
7. the Hurt Locker
6. Avatar
5. the Hangover
4. Up in the Air
3. Inglourious Basterds
2. District 9
1. Up

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michael said...

SOMEBODY recognizes that adventureland was a good movie