Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LOST Review: the Package

How annoying was that FUCKING V COUNTDOWN CLOCK?!!??! There, that's off my chest. Anyway, after last week's sweeping tale about Richard Alpert, we all expected this week's Jin/Sun-centric episode to be kind of a downer. The only thing we thought we could bank on is a teary reunion scene, but they couldn't even give us that. And yet, the Package isn't as meh as I originally thought.

Though separated by the length of the entire Island, Jin and Sun remain on the same page. Both process the news of their candidacy similarly; they don't care. All that matters is finding each other and getting back to little Ji Yeon. And how about Widmore showing Jin the camera? I couldn't help by smile as Papasan caught a glimpse of his wife for the first time in 3 years and his child for the first time EVER. But Widmore didn't storm the beach and kidnap Jin to watch him get all weepy. Charles wants to utilize Jin's knowledge of the layout of the Island the exploit its electromagnetic properties.... kind of a lame excuse, but whatever...

Meanwhile, Sun proves how stupid she is by running into a tree and losing her ability to speak English. Seriously, I thought Locke's bitch-slap of Claire was the funniest point of the year, but this has to top it. I enjoy the symmetry of season 1. At first, it was Jun who only spoke Korean while Sun surprised him with her ability to speak English. If this keeps up, when they reunite it will be Sun who cannot speak English while Jin surprises her with his excellence English. It's borderline cheesy and more than a little farfetched, but I still like it.

But that's pretty much it for them on the Island. I could bore you further with Sun's tomato garden, Jin taking us back to Room 23, or Sun's hissy-fit tantrum, but why bother when we can get too....


Until I'm proved wrong about the value of the sideways universe, I'll still consider the events pointless. OOOOOOOOO they aren't married (pointed out in the premiere episode)!!!! WOWWWWWWWW they are having a secret affair!!! Big deal. What effect does Sun getting shot (while pregnant) have on the main universe?!?!? We'll probably find out at some point, but right now I just don't care. In one of their better "sideways coincidences," Mikhail Bakunin shows up as one of Paik's men that is pretty awesome at speaking Korean and just generally being badass. "No I don't think so, because if you were the person that did this, you would've shot me already" is the equivalent to "Why are we continuing to play this little game when we all know it has moved to the next stage" from Season 3's "Enter 77." And finally, in a fitting end (and a nod to his days as Patchy), Jin shoots him in the eyeball. Rest in peace for the 4th or 5th time, Mikhail...

This was definitely the most enjoyable aspect of the episode. Locke and Widmore had a chat on Hydra Island like Generals parleying before a great battle. And since he expected to be stonewalled by Charles, Locke sends Sayid on a recon mission to check out "the package" aboard the sub. Sayid's expressions at the end of the episode, first when emerging from the water and then again when looking up at "the package" (by the way, it's Desmond... surprise ending) were pitch perfect. I'll post screencaps of them tomorrow.

Two things about the package. One, I hope you saw that coming even without listening to Darlton's podcast where they explain Desmond is not done on the show. Two, I was mildly annoyed when Widmore instructed the girl to retrieve "the package." Why not just say Desmond? There's no reason for his secrecy when his plan is to show Desmond to Jin!!! Since Desmond was shot 2 days ago in LA, Widmore had to immediately bust Desmond out of the hospital and put him on the sub. What does Widmore mean when he told Desmond (in next week's preview) that he had to make a sacrifice???

This war is going to be H U G E .

ANALYSIS: What is Smokey's end game?
Obviously, he plans to get off the Island. But according to Richard and Jacob, this would trigger a cataclysmic event. At the beginning of the season, I thought the big event would have something to do with the sideways universe (and I suppose it still might). I thought the sinking of the Island meant Smokey had to blow it the hell up in order to leave. Smokey offered up a little more info by saying all the candidates had to get off the Island with him. It might be as simple as getting the candidates to choose to leave. Jacob is dead, and he believes one of them is meant to take his place. Smokey is a man of free will and choice, and if he convinces Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Jin/Sun, and Sayid to leave the Island of their own free will, then not only will the darkness get out of the wine bottle, but Jacob's master plan is hit with a paradox.


Here are a few questions to mull over this week...

How can Smokey be stopped if not by bullets or blades?
If Smokey is stopped by one of the candidates choosing to stay behind, couldn't he simply just kill them?
If a candidate chooses to stay behind and protect the Island, will they be imbued with Jacob's powers?
Is the leading frontrunner for Jacob's job the Doc?
Again, what "sacrifice" will be asked of Desmond?
Any chance he'll still have weird flashes, maybe of the sideways world?
How much longer will Kate waste time sitting by the campfire?

and most importantly...

Is she hot? It took me 3 episodes, but I've finally decided that yes, she is hot.

1. Ab Aeterno
2. the Substitute
3. Lighthouse
4. LAX
5. Dr. Linus
6. Sundown
7. the Package
8. Recon
9. What Kate Does


Mike said...

We haven't heard any "Whispers" this season.

Second note on this episode. Notice the blood red bed-sheets? What's that symbolic of?

Lastly...my theory on the ending is that this is somewhat like "What Dreams May Come" in that this may be an effort to pull Sun back from Hell and like that movie, there are forces working for and against this effort. Jin is somewhat like the character going in to save Sun, and in the end, Sun will wake up in the hospital having survived giving birth (the red blood bedsheets, references to surviving tomatoes that were expected to be dead-or that maybe Yi Jeon survives) and this whole show took place while Sun was "out".

Andy said...

What's Widmore's endgame?

Is it to control the island, everlasting life, etc. With that said, he needs to "win" the war by keeping Smokey bottled up. Can't let Smokey escape or bad things will happen. In essence, team up with Alpert, Jack, etc.

But can that happen? Is he allowed back to the island? Was he a former candidate? Was it specifically Ben who banished him? Did Ben have the approval of Alpert/Jacob?

My question is, does Widmore have the backing of "Jacob?" or is he the monkey in the middle screwing things up between Jacob and MIB.

Jason said...

She is not hot. Get your eyes checked