Friday, March 5, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

For Survivor's tenth year and 20th season, they decided on a second edition of All-Stars, but this time the tribes are divided between castaways who succeeded at playing the game with honor and integrity, and those who schemed and lied their way to the top. We are only 4 episodes in (watch them online), and here are the best highlights:

  • In the very first challenge of the very first episode, Rupert broke his toe, Stephanie dislocated her shoulder, and Sugar's bra was unhooked and ripped off by Sandra (but it didn't stop Sugar from running to the finish line topless)
  • The Heroes Tribe and Villain Tribe immediately started operating differently, kinda like Mufasa vs. Scar. The Heroes were physically stronger and dominated the athletic part of challenges, but the Villains skill with strategy/puzzles have powered them to a 3-1 lead through 4 episodes.
  • The labels are starting to shift to the middle. Originally, the Heroes had strong team chemistry, hard work ethic, and a better built shelter. The Villains spent most of their time scheming and had a piss poor shelter as a result. However, the Heroes have already fractured into alliances and decided to have an 'every-man-for-themself' search for the hidden immunity idol. The Villains (mostly because they keep winning) are now more cohesive as a unit, and they decided to avoid the idol. If anyone broke off from the group to search for it, they were marked for death (ahem..... Russell).
  • In my Survivor pool at work, I drafted Coach Wade with the 10th pick. He's by far the most eccentric guy on the Island. He's arrogant, chauvinistic, and he's not afraid to compare himself to "legends" like King Arthur. He is, however, afraid of getting his feelings hurt, as you'll see in the clip below. It turns out, surprisingly, that the Villains would rather mock a guy for spouting MLK, Sun Tzu, and Confucius quotes. They also laugh at him for putting feathers in his hair, doing Tai Chi, and telling his farfecthed adventure stories. Still, the guy is incredibly entertaining, so here's hoping he sticks around...
  • Russell, the most dominating player in Survivor history, is trying to hard to compete for air time amongst the Villains that he's up to his old bag of tricks (see the second video).
  • Boston Rob passed out from a nasty flu and was so disoriented and weak that he couldn't even bring a bottle of water to his lips without pouring water all over himself. He then broke down and cried to Probst for ten minutes about how he respects the game too much to let it beat him.
  • Last night, the game featured it's first blindside of the season AND the successful playing of a hidden immunity idol. The majority (James, Rupert, JT, Cirie, Amanda, and Candice) would split their votes 3-3 between Tom and Colby to account for Tom playing the idol (which he did). However, they did not expect JT to switch his vote and help out the two nice guys. The votes for Tom ended up not counting, Colby only drew two votes, and Cirie was sent home with 3. Blindsides are awesome.
Enjoy the clips, and watch this awesome show.

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