Wednesday, March 24, 2010

L O S T - Jin/Sun Up Next

For those of you hoping for back-to-back home runs after Alpert's episode last night, I've got some depressing news for you: The world's most hated/useless/pointless/ugly character is sharing her flashsideways with us next Tuesday, and she's dragging her husband along for the ride....Or is she? Not really a SPOILER ahead: Some websites have teased this as a shocker, but any LOST fans with half a brain realized in the season opener that Jin and Sun weren't married in their flashsideways. No wedding band and being called "Miss Paik" kinda made that clear.

Who. Gives. A. Shit.

Is there anybody out there I hate more than Sun-Hwa Kwon? Kate fights for her crown on a weekly basis, but in the end, Sun is far and away the worst. With each sentence out of her mouth, Kate's (similar to Sun's) level of stupidity and boneheadedness rises exponentially. But unlike Sun, Kate's role in L O S T could be an important one, and even an entertaining one if she ever stops acting like a goddamn retard. Despite very questionable tracking abilities, she has connections to important characters (Jack, Sawyer, Aaron), and has been around for important plot developments (trekking out to the cockpit, helping Claire give birth to Aaron, going on strike force ops, opening and exploring the hatch, getting captured by the Others five or six different times, raising Aaron, went back in time, etc.)

Sun's only connection is to Jin. She's entirely useless when he's not around, and since they got separated on the freighter allllllllllllllllllll the way back in season four, she's been absolute shit. In fact, even when Jin's around she's still a pointless character. Why she's still a series regular is beyond me. Searching for a long lost love can be accomplished effectively in a third of the screen time Sun gets, as evidenced by one Penelope Widmore.

Do I give a shit that she had Ji Yeon (a name JIN picked and an episode JIN owned, by the way)? No, because the kid is a loser with no special powers (see: Walt, Aaron, David "the Virtuoso" Shephard). I can count on one hand the noteworthy things she has done (and you can tell that each of these things are a reach for her character, things the writers forced on her so she'd remain in the story):

1. Started a crummy garden that barely provided anyone with anything.
2. Tried to be Jack's O.R. nurse
3. Mysteriousry knew Engrish.
4. Got pregnant on the island.
5. One of the Oceanic 6, though I can't explain it either.

You see? And I'm pretty sure that all of her important character developments only happen in the Jin/Sun-centric episodes. Which means once (sometimes twice) a season she tries to add something of value to the L O S T canon, the rest of the time she just dicks around. I want to fart in her face when I see her. When the writers chose Jin to go back in time with the A team, Sun's fate was sealed. They tried making her a power businesswoman in season four with laughable results, and so by season five they just said 'fuck it' and left her high and dry. She's been there ever since...

Is there anything to look forward to next week?

Well, we get to see Sun's swan song off the island, thank god.

And this might actually be the episode where Jin and Sun finally reunite.

Other than that, I'll be doing the same thing I do every L O S T night...

...hoping this happens:

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