Monday, January 25, 2010

LOST Cast Discusses the Premiere

I've been trying to avoid legitimate previews and teasers of the new season because I don't want any spoilers before Tuesday. I remember being on the boards before the Season 3 finale, and somebody had written that there would be a flashforward, which took so much away from the actual reveal. Nonetheless, I can't help but be curious when somebody mentions this new storytelling technique. Evangeline Lilly says "another change in dimension" that lets them reinvent their characters. Lindelof promised to blow minds during the press event. But what can they honestly do? Dual timelines? Dueling timelines? Standard reboot with new flashbacks? A timeline set after they leave the Island with flashbacks to the big events on the Island? Who knows... only 8 days until we find out..... enjoy this preview (no spoilers)... and is it weird that Matthew Fox isn't doing much press for the show?

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Doob said...

You poached this from me . . . whatever the login was down. ANYWAY, the best part of this, for some reason, is John Locke admitting this is the only work of his that he's comfortable watching.