Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LOST Season 6 Scoop

As I am currently ripping through Season 5 on blu-ray, I've got LOST on the brain. At a recent press tour featuring a good chunk of the cast, LOST geniuses/retards Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof dropped little nuggets of teasers into our laps. Be warned... mild spoilers below.


If you were trying to avoid spoilers, the all-caps, bold headline probably didn't help. Still, LOST producers had long hinted that some of our favorites would be back for a bit (most notably Charlie and Boone). This lends weight to the argument that Juliet altered the timeline and we are going to get some sort of season 1 reboot. Now, Cuse and Lindelof have confirmed that both Libby and Michael will return as well. Who knows what sort of capacity they will return in. Will they have a cameo like Ana Lucia in Season 5? A couple of episodes? Will their stories reach a conclusion?I'd rather have more Desmond and Penny instead of loser Michael. Does this mean Walt will return? Perhaps in a rebooted timeline, Walt was never taken from Michael by his bitch mother? As usual, more questions are being raised.


Seasons 1-3 featured flashbacks. Season 4 was about the flashforwards. Season 5 was built mainly around time travel. For season 6 the producers have hinted that their will be a new device for the final season, and the first episode will blow some minds!!! "We'll show who [the characters] used to be and who they are now...it makes you feel like we felt in season one."

That's it for scoops. For general questions, what do you think is the least anticipated storyline of the final season? Firstly, there aren't many that I'm not looking forward to. I can't wait to see Locke and Jack together again (a full-on reunion for everyone would be sweet). Seeing more of Richard is always great for mythology, and the significance of Jack's dad surely must be revealed. But there's two things I could live without: Kate (a shit character) searching for Claire (a pointless character), and Ilana's weird crew. I really hope they don't spend too much time on this kind of stuff.

So what's the final crazy season going to be like? They can't dismiss all of the plot threads and cliffhangers from season 5, which means they can't completely reboot the timeline. So what sort of craziness are they concocting? Perhaps one storyline follows our regular castaways in present time, while the other storyline follows the rebooted castaways on the SAME Island reliving a rebooted plane crash?!? How about one storyline following the regular castaways on the Island while we follow rebooted characters OFF-ISLAND?!? In the end, it probably won't be that headache-inducing. Ten bucks says we the characters in a new timeline with their old memories, except the dead characters (Boone, Charlie, Claire, Libby, and Michael) don't have their old memories.

Three more weeks...

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