Monday, July 27, 2009

LOST at Comic-Con

LOST drew a huge crowd at the nerd convention, and to feed the frenzy, Lindelof and Cuse dropped some jugheads on the crowd. Their bombs and my response follow below.

1. Boone, Faraday, and Juliet are all back for Season 6. We don't know any more than that, but we can assume they won't be full time cast members. Somehow, I'm getting the sense that their role won't be a flashback or hallucination type of role, but that we will get to see some altered timeline stuff.

Season 6 will have a lot of Richard backstory. Season 1 - the Castaways. Season 2 - The Hatch. Season 3 - The Others. Season 4 - The Freighter. Season 5 - the Dharma Iniative. Season 6 might be the season of Richard and the ancient backstory of the Island. I'm thinking that if we go down this alternate timeline road, we're going to need something that doesn't change. Richard and his mysterious purpose on the Island could be that constant.

In response to a fan question, the producers said that the mysterious Jacob has never assumed the form of anyone else, such as Claire. Hmmm, but that doesn't mean that evil brother Esau wasn't the shapeshifter.... so I still think that was him.

a couple of gays...

Jay and I were talking LOST this past weekend, and he suggested possibly the coolest ending to LOST that I've heard yet. Going off of my logic, that dead Locke was reborn as Esau and Jack would be reborn as Jack to set the stage for an epic showdown, Jay thinks the very last scene of LOST will be Jack and Locke sitting on the beach in the exact same manner as Jacob and his nemesis in the season 5 finale. I love this idea and am jealous that I did not think of it first. However, I'm not sure what this means for the other castaways, but who cares, right?

Below is an interview EW had with Alpert, Ben, and Hurley. Michael Emerson is so cool in this interview, especially with the answer he gives to the last question.

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