Monday, July 20, 2009

MUSIC: The Fixer!

Not long after premiering Got Some on the first episode of the Tonight Show, they've released their second song from the new album, Backspacer. Listen to The Fixer below, and share your thoughts. My first impression is that it certainly is a toe-tapper (not the whole foot, just the toe) of a song, and it has a hip/catchy vibe to it. Once again, I'll be adding the thoughts of the PJ Braintrust so you get their opinions as well.

Doob's thoughts: "
well. . . it knocks on the door with an infectious bebop, and the lyrics are practically tongue-in-cheek, which is fun when it comes to PJ songs. I feel the same way about this one as I felt about "Severed Hand," hard to get used to at first, but hard to imagine the catalogue without it after 6 months, it's got oomph and will be a showstopper live. Standard upward Pearl Jam bridge with nonsensical lyrics (see: "break the sky and tell me what it's for"), but I forgive them 'cause it just sounds good. I feel like Mike McCready had a lot to do with this one. This will be a pretty strong fencepost for the album."

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