Thursday, November 5, 2009

How bad is Nip/Tuck right now?

Posts on the old website have been a little dry lately, so I figured I would add my two cents in a sad television realization I recently had. As far as Nip/Tuck goes, I came to the party pretty late. I only starting watching it week to week during Season 4. Thanks to Top Ten's leadership, I DVDed the first two seasons and purchased Season 3. I raced through it prior to the start of Season 4. Any fan of the show knows the the first three years are great. The downward slide started in Season 4 with the whole Michelle Landau crap and culminated with the return of Escobar, and total rehash. Season 5 was forgettable with the move to LA. And now we have Season 6. I watch it as a rerun now, 11 pm, since it moved to Wednesdays, and I am more concerned about Top Chef at 10 o'clock. It's a shame.

So as I was watching it last night, I said to myself, this is terrible. Why do I watch it anymore? Look at what it happening in Season 6.

First off, Matt is a mime that robs convenience stores with a fake gun. It's downright laughable and completely stupid. Is there a television character that is more clueless and hated than Matt McNamara?

AC Slater working with McNamara/Troy?

So what's the deal with Teddy? She was a goofy druggy last season, Katee Sackhoff is replaced by Rose McGowan, and now Teddy tries to kill the entire McNamara family. Is she with Matt? When she asked Sean about Matt's inheritance / or lack of one, she kind of flashed a Ben Linus look. What happened to great side characters like Escobar, Ava, and Kit?

Even Sean is getting annoying, he's all about Teddy. His best work was a as a new divorcee circa Seasons 2-5.

But thankfully, Christian is still in perfect form. Arrogant, distasteful, and a complete asshole, as there have been times during this season where I have simply laughed out loud at his quotes. He is the only thing keeping Nip/Tuck afloat.

A show the continually pushes the envelope with outrageous situations and scenarios is bound to simply run out of ideas. Seasons 1-3 was about as edgy as you can get on TV, but still with a coherent plot and solid character development. Recently, the events just get more weirder and less systematic. This fact has been happening since Season 4 started, but I have been holding out hope that it would get better. Watching it last night, I now know that it never will. Nip/Tuck's best days are simply long gone.

"best" scene of Season 6 thus far...

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