Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: V Premiere

A while back I said you all should be watching FlashForward, but I'm beginning to regret those words. It's hard to explain, but I'm just not hooked on the show the way I should be, and I don't really care who caused the blackout, why, and if the future will come true. Normally, when I back a show, you can take that to the bank. So I'm a little hesitant about giving out my seal of approval again. After watching the much hyped premiere of V (along with 14 million others), I must say that you should definitely check it out.

LOST started as a critical and commercial hit, but when they ventured into heavy sci-fi territory, the viewers were leaving faster than DUI castmembers. So what should we make of an expensive, network show built on sci-fi? The story starts with big, ID4-like mother ships hovering over the major cities across the globe. Before the people start to run for the hills, a giant screen projects the leader of the Visitors, Anna (Morena Baccarin from FIREFLY!!!!), and she tells everyone that they come in peace and promise to share their knowledge and technology with all the world. In a weird turn of events, the NY crowd below actually accept this at face value and begin to applaud, but we'll come back to that later.

Meanwhile, lead character Erica (Juliet from LOST!!!!), is an FBI agent investigating a spike in terrorist chatter that coincides with the V's arrival. Perhaps they plan to take advantage of this distraction and attack the US? Her and her partner (Alan Tudyk from FIREFLY!!!!) check out abandoned hideouts, but the terrorists are always one step ahead. Hmmmm... sounds like a plot device I despise (a mole in the group!!!!! whoa!!!!!).

Meanwhile, Erica's dickwad angst-ridden son resents his overworked mother for their shitty family though his dad is no father of the year. Because he's a moron teenager, he rebels against his mom and befriends the V's and applies to become an ambassador. He sucks and you'll hate him.

Anna is true to her word and they start opening healing centers. They offer tours of their awesome spaceship. She even goes on national TV and is interviewed by a PLEASE-TAKE-ME-SERIOUS-AS-A-JOURNALISTTTTT Scott Wolfe (I'm no fan). I'm very much intrigued by how Anna handles herself, and it's easy to see that, though she pulls off the friendly visitor facade, and it seems genuine, you can't help but sense something sinister going on.

Let's also throw in a Catholic priest that is suspicious of the Visitors and wonders how they fit in to God's plan, and another guy (Morris Chesnut) with a shady past who wants to propose to his girlfriend. The priest finds out about a secret meeting where all will be revealed. Someone from Morris Chesnut's shady past also tells him about the meeting, which just so happens to be the next step in Erica's terrorist investigation.

That's where we're warned that the V's aren't friendly, but actually want to annihilate the humans!!! They've been infiltrating every level of our society for years and years, disguised as humans, and preparing for the next phase (INVASION!!!). That explains the spike in activity from the terror cell (they're a terrorist cell comprised of aliens!!!). That explains why the humans were clapping in New York (the aliens led them in applause to provide a positive first impression). And that mole..... it's Erica's partner ALAN TUDYK!!! He crashes the meeting with a team of aliens and they kill a bunch of people. Erica and the priest escape and vow to form a resistance group. Also, during the attack, we find out another one of the humans is also an alien, but one opposed to the Visitors. He wants to help us!!!

Trust me, I didn't make this sound that cool, but it really is. I'm definitely going to tune in next week, and you should too.


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