Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOST Review: LA X

Now that I've had enough time to properly digest and analyze the premiere of Season 6, it's time to comment on it. I've read a ton of reviews about the 2 hour episode, unusually titled "LA X," so I don't feel like doing an all-out recap. Instead, I'll just quickly share some thoughts.

First, I feel like I should pat myself on the back since I kinda predicted the new plot device, flashsideways (stupid name). Here's what I wrote on January 12th...

"So what's the final crazy season going to be like? They can't dismiss all of the plot threads and cliffhangers from season 5, which means they can't completely reboot the timeline. So what sort of craziness are they concocting? Perhaps one storyline follows our regular castaways in present time, while the other storyline follows the rebooted castaways on the SAME Island reliving a rebooted plane crash?!? How about one storyline following the regular castaways on the Island while we follow rebooted characters OFF-ISLAND?!?"

Ok, so I was obviously just throwing ideas against a wall, but still, seeing it actually happen was pretty mind blowing. Now, onto my random thoughts...

1. I still believe the Man in Black is a good guy. He's a fierce believer in free will, and it seems like he has a natural beef with anyone dumb enough to blindly follow someone they've never seen. He made his point pretty clear in last season's finale before leading the Others to the foot of the statue. And once Jacob dies, he honestly believes that he's done Meathead and company a favor. "Now you're free." My guess as to where his home is, the home he's desperately trying to get back to? The temple. I'm not sure why, but with Jacob out of the picture, I doubt he wants to go there just to kill a bunch of monks.

2. Speaking of killing Jacob, didn't it seem like the Man in Black was moving kinda quickly after Jacob died? The two have been at odds for over 1000 years, and now that he's finally out of the picture, he doesn't spend much time enjoying his victory. It's probably because he expects a similar loophole to be exploited, this time in Jacob's favor. If Smokey doesn't accomplish whatever the end-game is at the temple fast enough, one of our castaways will be reborn as Jacob, and no, it's definitely not Sayid. But why not the real Locke? Hmm.....

3. How fantastic is the music for the Temple people? I love it.

4. There isn't enough time to experience everything with the off-Island castaways. I feel like fans are going to get distracted with the whole "well how can Hurley win the lottery with good luck and still be on the plane from Sydney because he wouldn't know the numbers because Leonard couldn't mutter them all day becausetheIslandissunkenandHurleywon'tbevisitingSamToomeyandnowIhaveaheadache..."
Instead, they are just making a point that these castaways lives are going to intersect no matter where or when. We're going to get a large scale course correction pretty soon, and I'm betting the timelines will converge.

5. Seriously, that Temple music kicks ass...

6. I fear we are reaching midichlorian levels here. The Island magically healed Locke's paralysis, Jin's sterility, and Rose's cancer (and yet it gave Jack appendicitis?), and what was the reasoning before? "This is a place where miracle's happen!" a smiling Locke told Jack in the season 4 finale. Now, we may have our explanation. OOOOO THE WATER IS MAGICAL AND LOOK AT OUR HEALING HOTTUB OOOOOOOOO WOWWWWW!!!! Fantastic... an answer to a mystery that no one asked about.

7. Did anyone else enjoy the fun fact that unconscious people can't hold their breath under water?

8. I don't know what it is about LOST, but somehow it brings out the best in accents. The perfect example is Keamy, who sounded like a loser in Mystery, Alaska and Smoking Aces, but sounded utterly badass in season 4. This season, it's the mysterious number 2, Lennon. The actor, John Hawkes, sounded lame in Eastbound and Down, Blue Streak, and the Perfect Storm, but I like how he sounds in this..... great casting, yet again.

9. I can't wait to see Jacob alive and well in the flashsideways universe.

10. I can't wait until Tuesday (even though it'll be a predictably shitty Kate episode). If I were ranking premieres, it would go...

Pilot - A+
Man of Science, Man of Faith - A
LA X - A-
Because You Left - B
The Beginning of the End - B
A Tale of Two Cities - B-

P.S. - In normal land, the cursed numbers (and 815) appeared every where. On hatches, odometers, soccer jerseys, apartment numbers, phone numbers, Henry Gale's license, and probably lots and lots of other places. Yet, in bizarro land, there's no sign of them...

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