Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOST Review: What Kate Does

Here's a quick breakdown on what I thought of Episode 6.03:
  • We've finally been told what the "sickness" is. If a person is brought back to life outside of normal means (if you consider the spring in the Temple "normal"), a darkness grows inside them and begins to "claim" them. This happened with Robert, Rousseau's husband, and since she was able to kill him with a bullet, we can assume these zombies aren't manifestations of the Man in Black. Only Locke is the true MiB, and people like Claire (and Christian?) are regular zombies. Question: Are they really evil as Dogen suggests, or merely representations of free will that the MiB supports?
  • Outside of the sickness explanation, this episode sucked.
  • Wow, I hate Claire and Kate. For some reason, the writers didn't learn from their mistake in Season 1. KATE SHOULD NOT FOLLOW PREMIERE EPISODES. You need an unselfish contact hitter batting in the #2 spot, not an emotionally dependent slut.
  • Funniest line in the episode: Jack being tough and asking if he said something funny, and Lennon quips, "I doubt it... you don't have a sense of humor."
  • Second funniest line: Kate saying "I can be very persuasive when I want to be." Really Kate? REALLY? Because it seems like you spent 5 seasons hanging on Jack and Sawyer's word. In fact, I'm struggling to think of a time you convinced anyone of anything. Remember when Sawyer pulled a fast one on you during the Long Con? Remember when Jack convinced you to agree with him WHENEVER HE WANTED?!? I guess not...
  • I bet Jin has been waiting years to tell Kate off, and he finally stuck it to her.
  • What is wrong with this country?!?!? Two separate people not only cooperate, BUT ACTUALLY HELP a murderer. Unbelievable. As Dave pointed out, "how bout a pregnant lady befriending her captor because she didnt want to wait 10 minutes for the bus." Exactly. They took the two worst characters and gave them half the episode.
  • Little thing that continues to bug me: Kate leaves the Temple, and in the next scene she's strolling into the Barracks. That must be an 8 hour trek.
  • Medium thing that continues to bug me: The writers bringing back Ethan again and again. He was so badass in season 1, and now he's just laughable. Thanks, writers...
  • Huge thing that continues to bug me: This started in Season 3 with the infamous cages. Since the cast is split between two groups, we have to spend whole episodes away from half of the story. Thanks for not giving us more Locke and Ben...

Hey, why weren't we in this episode? I dunno...


Andy said...

-average to slightly below average episode
-Claire is worse than Kate
-Dogen is pretty cool
-any Emmy love potentially for Josh Holloway?

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