Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday

This month (April 7th, to be exact), the Top Man entertainment repository (don't call it a blog) celebrates its 2nd birthday. Count me among those surprised that we continue to update this thing (this is post #663), but where else are you going to find cutting edge LOST material and the latest musings on Pittsburgh sports? Exactly. So what have we been writing about since our last birthday? Here are the top 3 topics of the 2009-10 season, plus the big year end award.

3. FILM REVIEWS (17 articles)

I was kinda hoping this number would be a little bit bigger. Just from cramming in new releases for the FLOBY season, the 5 writers on this staff have probably combined for nearly 200 films, but since reviews are normally done for movies seen in the theater and not Netflix or the internet, that's where the low tally comes in. The best reviewed movie of the year was District 9, which earned the only A rating. A number of movies garnered A- distinction, including How to Train Your Dragon, Star Trek, and the Hangover. Interestingly enough, my year-end favorite, Up, was given a B+. The worst reviewed movies were Clash of the Titans and the Goods, as both received a D+. Though, to be fair, if I bothered writing up a review after being forced to see Valentines Day, it would've received an F.

2. PITTSBURGH SPORTS (a combined 42 articles)

The Pens and Steelers have received equal treatment over the last 2 years, but thanks to the Pens Stanley Cup run in June of 2009, they got a slight edge in coverage this year. The sad thing is that a lot of Steeler writing was about off the field issues with Santonio Holmes and Fat Ben Roethlisberger. But with the draft fast approaching, we'll be back to standard Steeler blogging in no time.

1. L O S T (42 articles)

This behemoth was unstoppable this past year. The craziest thing about us writing 42 articles about LOST (other than the fact that 42 is a cursed number linked to one of the Kwons) is that the show was in hibernation until winter 2010. We got to write about the amazing season 5 finale way back in May, and that's it. Despite the occasional casting rumor, there was nothing until our 10 Days of LOST push in January. Because of our badass and aggressive nature when it comes to this show, we've been reviewing and analyzing every goddamn episode this season for your viewing pleasure.


Bill O'Reilly left behind some big shoes from last year, and who better to fill them then a 6'4", 240 lb hockey owner? Mario Lemieux combines a sports legend's aura with Christian Troy's sharp fashion sense and a glorious playoff beard. His motivational text messages to the team through the Stanley Cup Finals will go down in history alongside the very best of Pittsburgh sports lore.

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