Wednesday, April 21, 2010

L O S T Pic of the Week (small spoilers within)

Lindelof and Cuse, the main creative forces behind LOST, shown here in their writer's room.
There are several small SPOILERS in this picture, things that have more to do with plot developments in the next episode rather than mindblowing mythological stuff. It's all worth looking at, and a very strategic "flash" on the left side of the photo tries to conceal the meat of the final episodes...


1. The last couple of episodes are listed on the whiteboard. Also listed are the next two. The flash obscures both the titles and the characters that the episodes focus on...or does it? Everyone thought last night's episode was a Jack/Locke episode, but the flash sideways reveals hit on all the characters---Claire, Jin/Sun, Kate, Sawyer, rather than just Jack and Locke. Well, a closer look at next week's episode on the whiteboard tells us that next week is the Jack/Locke episode we've been waiting for. Fuck yea. The name of the episode is "The Ca______". Hmm, what could it be? The Candidates?

2. After that, we see an episode with a title that seems to be "Across the Sea". The focus is on a character ending in the letters "ey". At first, I barfed a little bit, thinking they might actually force a Zoey episode on us. Thank god a closer look shows that it's gotta be S M O K E Y (Hurley fits too, but he had his shot a couple weeks back). Again, fuck yea.

3. Some of the text between Lindelof and Cuse summarizes a few scenes from last night. Other parts of it, however, reveal the opening scenes of the next episode. Annoyingly Small Spoiler Alert: It seems Sawyer gets the drop on one of Widmore's men right away, pulls a gun on one. But the others point a gun on Kate, saying something like "we need you, but she's not a candidate so screw her. Drop it or she's pwned." Afterwards, Camp Widmore puts their new prisoners, Sawyer and Kate included, back in the, wait for it, CAGES. All together now: ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

4. In Sidewaysworld, it seems Jack runs into Bernard at his dentist office (Bernard, if you remember, is also a doctor). The only line we're given "I want to ask you about a patient's accident." Oooooooh.

5. Other cool non spoilery things in this picture include the timeline for the show, some dharma things lying around, and the production schedule for episode 14 ("Bender - 1st Unit" written on it. We all know Jack Bender directs the best damn episodes.)

I generally steer clear of spoilers, but this picture came up in an article about Cuse and Lindelof wrapping up the show. I looked around for cool easter eggs and found these juicy bits instead. Had to pass it on. Can't wait for LOST to come back in two weeks

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Dave said...

anyone else notice the cool pink post-it on the wall saying:
"Scott is DEAD.
Steve is ALIVE."
Pretty sure we all stopped caring about those 2 many seasons ago, but it's still cool nonetheless