Saturday, April 24, 2010

LOST Roundtable

We are now less than one month away from the LOST finale. This coming Tuesday is a repeat showing of Ab Aeterno (only the best episode of the season thus far), and then we only have 3 new episodes left until the finale. Because we cannot contain our excitement, I've gathered together most of the LOST braintrust to exchange theories, predictions, and maybe a gripe or two with some humorous help from If you think you've got us beat with a better answer, then sound off below.

1. Herb: Is the Island a real, physical, tangible place that our castaways can actually leave, or will it end up being something crazy like Hell, Purgatory, a dream, and other various crazy shit?

Jay: It's not a geographical place on a map, but think about how everyone got there. There was a flash.... and then boom, they landed there. Ajira 316, Oceanic 815, all the boats, they just suddenly appear. Consider Sawyer's explanation that the Dharma have only ever used a sub to transport to and from the Island.
Herb: Stemming from Jay's last point, could it be that the only way to travel to the Island physically is by traveling underwater? In the flashsideways world, the Island is sunken. Perhaps you need a sub to get there because you have to travel underwater through some crazy wormhole to get there. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!
Dave: And think about the Oceanic 815 wreckage being found at the bottom of the ocean. Was it really a hoax?
Jay: This is poppycock. But if Ajira 316 and Oceanic 815 "flashed" to the Island together, then it helps explain why everyone must be together in order to get off.
FINAL ANSWER: The Island world is on a completely different plane of existence from the sideways-world and the normal "flashback/flashforward" world.

2. Herb: What is the single-biggest blunder from the show's six seasons? This could be a dropped storyline, a botched-storyline, or whatever you want.

Dave: Easy... the sheriff from season 3. That's the single biggest waste of a new character, and Jay will agree to that (Jay says no... he hates Zoe). How about Room 23?
Jay: Sawyer having a kid... but, by extension, all the children on the show (Aaron, Walt, Ji Yeon, the stupid kid with a teddy bear). David Shephard is gayyyyyyyyyyy. Also, anything they do with the magic goo (the stuff that Locke gave to Boone is season 1). How do you make magic goo?!?!?!!
Herb: Okay... any other characters?
Jay: Mr. Eko. Pointless. Any of the tailies: Pointless. Charlotte... POINTLESS!!! And frankly, Big Ben Linus was supposed to be a major character, but he's just gotten dumber and dumber as the series has gone on.

3. Herb: Finale question: You know a major character is going to die. Who should it be and who will it be?

Jay: I want it to be Kate, but it will probably be Jack.
Dave: It should and will be Sawyer, because all the idiots out there love Sawyer, and the writers will want to provoke backlash.
Herb: I'm betting Sawyer has some stupid self-sacrificing moment. "Argghhh Kate, I can't live without Juliet. You need to get back and take care of my daughter...." (he says this after facing the wrath of Smokey).

4. Herb: The much talked about Episode 15 is rumored to be a crazy episode with none of the original characters. What will it be about?

Jay: It's going to be about Hanso, the origin of Dharma, and ultimately the Island. They're going to be researching the Island at Ann Arbor, and we're going to find out all sorts of secrets and answers about whether or not the Island is a place or some weird pocket of energy.
Dave: It's gonna be about Smokey. The whole episode will be his backstory with Jacob.... how he got the Island, how he was duped. The two kids that he's seen this season will turn out to be his kids. We'll see how they died (and how Smokey lost him), kinda like we saw Isabella die with Richard.
Herb: Maybe we'll learn Smokey's true name. Any ideas?
Dave: I like your theory about candidate #108 being Smokey. His name, according to Jacob's sundial, was WALLACE.
Herb: I agree with Dave. Season 5 was all about the Dharma Initiative. They told us everything they needed to about that group. This season is all about Smokey and Jacob. It would seem so out of place to suddenly switch back to that storyline.

5. Jay: Who is the mother of gay David Shepard? Does it matter? I think it does since they've mentioned her in two different episodes without hinting at who she might be?

Dave: Who are the upcoming cameos? Ana-Lucia? It could be here, but that would be dumb...
Herb: It'll be a letdown when we find out that Sarah is the mother, but it makes logistical sense. She was recently filming an episode of Modern Family in Hawaii, and I'm betting she stopped by the set to shoot some scenes with Jack and Davey.

6. Herb: If you could have one mystery answered, what would it be?

Jay: Why was Jack's neck bleeding on the airplane during the premiere?
Dave: As far as this season goes, I want to find out the significance of people's scars and when they look in the mirrors during the flashsideways.
Jay: That's what I just said...
Dave: Uhhhh... Then I want to know why Eloise knows everything about everything in every different universe.
Herb: Why this specific group of people? Why were they brought together? That's what I want to know.

7. Herb: Okay, last question, and it has to do with the last scene of the show. Will the ending be abrupt like the Sopranos, a slow, happy goodbye like Friends, or maybe a sad, evil ending?

Jay: It'll be crazy and confusing like the end of the Matrix... and I have no idea what that means.
Dave: It'll be a satisfying ending, but it'll still leave a lot in the air. It should end on the Island and on the beach...
Herb: ...And some other group of people are arriving on the Island to play the game that our castaways have played these past 6 years. Or maybe the series ends like it started... with Jack lying in the bamboo forest, and his eye opens up like the end of Avatar. Actually... it better not end like Avatar.
Jay: Smokey is Black Henry Gale!
Dave: What?!?!


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