Thursday, August 20, 2009

AVATAR Trailer!

After months of hype and big promises, James Cameron's Avatar movie finally has a trailer. Every single film critic/blogger who has caught a sneak peek at Avatar footage has said that it's mindblowing.

In my opinion, this film is either going to be a huge critical/financial hit or it's going to flop big time. I don't think we are going to see much middle ground here. The scope, look, and feel of the movie is so unique and ambitious that it could be really polarizing. I think it's going to kick ass, but it's probably going to kick ass and make little profit, if any.. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself. It's like Doom meets the Night Elves in Warcraft III and it's set in a world that Atrus from Mist must have drawn up.

Granted, it's meant for IMAX and 3D and screens much bigger than my laptop screen, but I'm impressed, and you should be too.

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