Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LOST Casting Call

I already had fun doing this before Season 5, so let's try and guess who LOST will cast next. Per EW, they want a male actor between 30 and 50 to play....

"Lennon: Scruffy, edgy, charismatic, and slightly stir-crazy, Lennon can be deferential when it’s called for. He’s the spokesperson/translator for the president of a foreign corporation. He’s a wily negotiator, and far more powerful than his lowly position would seem to indicate. Recurring."

When they casted Caesar and Illana, the names did not change, so for now we can assume this guy will really be named Lennon. Here are a couple thoughts that immediately occur:

  • Translator for the president of a foreign corporation makes me think Mr. Paik's right hand man. Might Sun's pop play a significant role in the final season?
  • What foreign leaders haven't we met yet? I'm willing to be this guy will be the person pulling the strings for Illana and her group. And who is it? ALVAR HANSO!!!!
  • From the description of the character, I'm guessing this guy will remain off-Island, so will he even by that important?
Okay, time for my pick. Like Illana, this guy is going to be European. Plus, he did a little stint on Deadwood like several other minor LOST characters, and since I recently watched the third season of 24 (he played the villain Stephen Saunders), I think this guy would be perfect:


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