Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: The Goods

What happens when you take an ensemble of some of the funniest comedic role players and handicap them with piss poor jokes and an empty story? You get The Goods, a movie that almost makes you appreciate the comedies like Funny People that actually put a lot of work into their scripts.

This movie is filled with "Hey, I know that guy" actors, and most of them can be counted on to bring the funny to a film. There's Jeremy Piven (slick car salesman/PCU guy all grown up), Ed Helms (rival/boy band enthusiast), David Koechner (numbers guy), Ken Jeong (salesman), Craig Robinson (DJ) and Rob Riggle (man child). Throw in old-timers James Brolin (dealership owner/closet queer) and Charles Napier (racist war veteran) and you have a pretty well rounded cast. The pedigree is there behind the scenes too, as Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produced the film. Too bad that the story is paint-by-numbers predictable (if they don't sell all the cars on the lot, the dealership folds) and the jokes miss more than they hit.

The only reason I went to see the film is because I watched Will Ferrell's cameo online, which is hilarious. But seriously, you're better off catching District 9 or waiting for Inglourious Basterds than enduring this turdburger.


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