Thursday, September 10, 2009

Steelers Running Diary - 1st Quarter

8:30 - Now that's what I've been waiting for. That's a hell of an intro recapping the highlights of the Super Bowl, showcasing the 6 rings, and playing some awesome NFL music. Cut to a fireworks show, a champion's introduction, and the fearless black and gold.

8:33 - All this talk of a high chance of repeating scares me a little bit. Everyone crowned the Pats while they were going 18-1, and we certainly don't need that kind of hype. And for the record, I like Cris Collinsworth. Even though he's incredibly annoying doing commentary in Madden games, I think he's one of the smartest analysts in the game.

8:37 - Harry Connick, Jr. is crooning the anthem, and he thinks he's Sinatra. Let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!

8:39 - Some gems from genius Mike Tomlin (he's looking sharp, by the way):

"Big men in blades of grass. This is a team that is built on the offensive and defensive lines."
"The most violent team is going to win."
"We are trying to build our legacy."

8:41 - Kickoff time. I'm pumped!!!!! BIG RETURN to the 42!!! A legitimate return threat would be icing on the cake for this team. I'm smelling an opening drive touchdown here.

8:43 - Forget that. Fat Ben underthrows Mike Wallace on a long ball and the drive is dead. Sepulveda comes up with a huge punt down inside the 5. You know how in Madden, it kind of sucks playing defense and you really just look forward to the offense. Well, these past couple years, that hasn't been the case for the Steeler D. I LOVE watching them eat up opposing offenses, and look forward to them hitting the field---- POLAMALU!!! He just sprinted to the backfield and took out Chris Johnson. Can anyone else do that?!?!?!? Holy shit. Suck that, Ed Reed.

8:47 - Huge Ben takes over in enemy territory, and gets a first down with a well-designed wheel screen. This just in: Roethlisberger still holds on to the ball too long. After avoiding a sack, he dances around like an idiot, takes a 19 yard loss, and kisses an easy FG goodbye. Ugh....

8:55 - Yikes. Chris Johnson shows everyone why he's worth a first round fantasy pick by reversing the field and running 30-some yards, and then gets 15 more thanks the season's first late hit (Polamalu). Speaking of Polamalu, he is all over the field, making a tackle then breaking up a third down pass.

8:59 - He hooked it!!! The usually rocksteady Rob Bironas pushes a gimme FG wide right, which is huge. The Steelers need to draw first blood to maintain control of this game.

9:02 - The bad news: Ben goes down again for another 3-and-out. The good news: Sepulveda is punting like a man tonight...

9:06 - Nothing much happening on Tennessee's drive, so I'll take this moment to mention that Bill Levy is my favorite referee.... not sure why.

9:09 - POLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAALLLLUUUU!!! This is officially his game, as he just fucked the Madden curse with a leaping one-handed interception. He's also got something like 5 tackles.... in the FIRST QUARTER! Amazing.

9:12 - I pity anyone who drafted Fat Ben as their starter in fantasy football. He's done nothing in the air, taken big sacks, and just threw his first pick of the season. With that, the first quarter is over, and I'm stunned that the game is still tied. The Titans have only made two mistakes so far (missed FG, interception), but the Steelers are averaging two mistakes every possession. I'll see you in the second quarter...

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