Thursday, September 10, 2009

Steelers Running Diary - 4th Quarter

10:55 - The Titans are moving in a hurry, and are already at midfield, executing their passing game well. Doesn't it suck that someone like Kerry Collins is easily outdueling Fat Ben right now, and it's not that surprising!?!?

10:58 - Clutch time. Bironas is in for his 3rd FG attempt. He's missed from 37 and was blocked from 31. Now he's trying from 45 yards.....and it's dead on.

10 -7 Titans.

11:00 - With all the new commercials airing during the game, I like the GE commercials with the plane/train workers singing Aaron Neville and Berlin. The Polamalu Head & Shoulders is a close second. The Leno promos are the worst by far. And how great is it that old Favre is doing a sort-of clever commercial for Sears, something that also hasn't been relevant in a long time?

11:04 - Last year, Ruthlessberger led 5 4th-quarter comebacks and now he has to do it again. They've started up the dink and dunk no huddle again. Vincent Fuller is so terrified by it he fakes an injury to stop the clock.

11:10 - The no-huddle continues with my favorite formation, trips bunch. Now the biggest play of the game. 3rd and 12 just outside of FG range.... Ben throws.... FIRST DOWN HOLMES!!! That's how you bounce back after getting decked by Jevon Kearse.

11:12 - Smart throw underneath to Mewelde for 8. Huge Ben is 7/7 for 57 yards on this drive. Now it's the 2nd biggest play of the game. 3rd and 1, and the Steelers have sucked in this situation. They run up the middle..... and they fuckin get stuffed again. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!?!?!? It's ONE GODDAMN YARD and they can't get it!!! I would've been happier with a play-action bootleg. Whatever.

11:14 - Skippy comes in to tie the game. Nails it.

10-10 with 3 minutes left in the game.

11:20 - On the last drive, Collins picked the secondary apart with timing routes to the sidelines, that can't be allowed again since they still have all their timeouts. Steelers force Collins to throw it away on consecutive downs, bringing up a H-UUUUGE third-and-10. Collins to throw again..... and overthrows Justin Gage!!! Let it be known that I was never a doubter. Big Ben will get it back with 2 minutes left and the game on the line. Gee, I wonder what could happen? Sorry Titans, but it's all but over now.

11:25 - The Titans choke by punting it just past midfield for 28 yards. We just need 2 or so first downs and then can run the clock out and kick the FG. We're gonna do this play by play.

11:26 - First down. A 12 yard reception to Santonio, who was foolishly covered by a LB.
11:26 - First down. A 4 yard reception to Hines (that's 10 completions in a row, folks).
11:27 - Second down. A 10 yard reception to Mewelde Moore. Is it really this easy?
11:28 - First down. A BIG CATCH BY HINES INSIDE THE 10--- FUMBLE!!!!!!!

Oh my god. Wines Hard is the goat of the night for not taking a knee. What a blunder.

11:29 - It looks like we might be seeing overtime, here.

11:35 - Tails never fails.... it's HEADS!!! Go Steelers, baby. This is gonna be a quick death.

11:41 - First a completion to Hines, then another to Heath. Big Ben is 14 for his last 15. Mewelde better had gotten the first on this run because my heart can't take another 3rd-and-1. The chain gang comes out and delivers the good news.

11:44 - Here we go again. After two more plays, we have yet another 3rd-and-short. DO NOT RUN THE BALL!!!! PLEASE!!!! Big Ben is 31 of 40. THROW THE BALL!!! Here we go... from the gun... quick throw to Santonio for a new set of downs!!!! Easy choice, right?

11:46 - Ben holds... pumps... holds... down the field to Mike "Braveheart" Wallace!!!! First down!! Field goal range!!!! Skippy heads out to seal the victory!!!!

11:47 - It's going to be from 33 yards to win the game. It's GOOD!!!! GAME OVER!!!

13-10 (OT) Steeler victory!

What a huge 4th quarter/Overtime for Ruthlessberger. He already has a 4th Quarter comeback notch on his belt. If you're the Steelers, you just took on one of the best teams in the AFC, and won the game with fantastic passing, fantastic special teams, and insane defense. It's not often we see a Steeler team win without a strong running game, but we don't need to with Huge Ben under center. Goodnight Steeler fans, and enjoy the first victory of the year.

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