Thursday, September 10, 2009

Steelers Running Diary - 2nd Quarter

Normally when I break out the running diary, it's for a huge occasion. Not only that, but it's pretty lucky. LOST episodes are always excellent, and the Pens won a huge Cup game thanks to this blog. So far, the Steelers are ruining the mojo. We'll see if they can turn it around.

9:19 - Even though Ben returned the favor with a pick, Collins returns an earlier favor by giving up a big third down sack to force a punt. That guy running through the middle seemed too fast to be old James Farrior. Definitely impressive, but I still miss Larry Foote, from Detroit Pershing Doughboys.

9:23 - I don't have a box score up, but I can only assume that Willie Parker has run the ball 8 times for 3 yards. I'm too scared to look because I'm probably right...

9:30 - Snooze. Parker still sucks. Another drive stalls.

9:36 - I take back what I said about Levy. That pass interference call was a joke. Now Collinsworth is praising the Steeler's defensive line. I love how so many guys like to say how the D-line is underrated because they do all the work and allow the linebackers to run free. But if analysts continue to say this every week, are they really underrated??? Meanwhile, the Titans continue marching down the field, and Polamalu takes his second personal foul.

9:40 - The Steeler D stands tall in the red zone. On the sidelines, Jeff Fisher's mustache is looking better than ever. BLOCK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Aaron Smith got his paw up and blocked what should've been an easy kick for Bironas. The defense is doing more than their fair share right now.

9:43 - Woo hoo. The first Peyton Manning commercial of the season, and I'm actually shocked it took this long.

9:44 - Holy fuck. I jinxed Polamalu with that Madden curse comment. Some dolt for Tenneessee landed on his knee and the medical staff is currently checking him out...

9:47 - Time for the patented Big Ben hurry up offense, and it starts with some dink and dunk. HINES WARD!!!! He has been invisible all game, but shows up for a big 30 yard catch. CC points out the pump fake that had two guys biting ---- TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

7-0 Steelers.

And just like that, the Steelers get on the board first. The first touchdown of this season matches the last touchdown of last season, with Big Ben hitting Santonio down the middle of the field for 30-some yards. Chris Hope is biting on every pump fake. Large Ben was probably chuckling as he threw up the sure TD pass. You have to be pissed if you're Jeff Fisher because the Titans have played the Steelers as well as you can play them.

9:55 - With Polamalu in the locker room, Collins throws to Kenny Britt for 50 yards and plenty of time left on the clock for them to tie this thing up. Which they prompty do.


Justin Gage is wide open for a TD. Barf. The Titans will also get the ball to start the 2nd half. The good news is that Polamalu's return is probable.

9:59 - 41 seconds and 2 timeouts left, will the Steelers make a run for some points? 3 straight completions to Miller, Miller again, and then Hines has the Steelers on the cusp of FG range with one timeout and 21 seconds left. And thennnnnnnnnn..... another bad sack. All that's left is a jump ball in the endzone...... which results in an INT almost returned the rest of the way. Shit.

With that, the first half is in the books, and the game is tied at 7-7. Tennessee has all the momentum because they have had success running the ball and they've been able to get after Worthlessberger with ease. For the Steelers, they have to stop taking stupid penalties. They've got 2 personal fouls, a handful of holding calls, some illegal formation crap... that all has to stop. I'm pissed, but I'll be back for the 3rd quarter.

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