Monday, May 11, 2009

EMPIRE Magazine: Stars Help Celebrate 20 Years

Empire Magazine, turning 20 this year, is celebrating the milestone with all kinds of fanfare. They've been getting assists from big time movie stars all year to help bring in the birthday with style. Recently, they even snagged His Holiness of Modern Film, Stevie Spielberg to be their editor for a big commemorative issue. Well, now they've gone and gathered Hollywood's best for a photo shoot that makes movie geeks everywhere drool. The magazine's website gives you a "a taster of Empire's exclusive, star-studded shoots paying tribute to some of the most iconic moments in movies of the last 20 years." You only get a sneak peek at 9 of the 27 total portraits, but some of them are duds (Cruise, the Potter kids, Atonement idiots, etc). Two that I've posted here are solid gold. The third is solid black and gold. Enjoy. And GO PENS!

The rest of the portraits can be found here:

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