Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ranking Previous LOST Finales anticipation for "The Incident." This was tough, all have been great.

4. S4 - There's No Place Like Home Parts 1 and 2

I'm not as big on S4 as the Top Ten management, but this was still a great finale to a very solid season. On island, Locke and Ben make their way to the Orchid as the Oceanic Six head to the freighter. At the conclusion, Ben will turn the donkey wheel that will lead to the island moving and setting in motion the time-skipping conundrum. The freighter explodes killing Michael and supposedly Jin, and the Oceanic Six makes it off in Frank's helicopter. The flash forward centers around the Oceanic Six off-island. Shock value and cliffhanger endings are essential in finales, and this certainly delivers. The episode concludes with Jack visiting the funeral parlor from the S3 finale. We find out that the man in the coffin, Jeremy Bentham, is actually Locke.

3. S2 - Live Together, Di
e Alone

Michael leads his band of Losties toward the Others' camp in order to get Walt. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured by the Oth
ers who are led by Henry Gale. In the hatch, Locke tries to prevent Eko from pushing the button. Desmond uses the fail safe key, and the hatch implodes. The best part of this episode is the flashback of Desmond, LOST's second best character, his background, on and off island, is epic. The final scene is a bit of a letdown with Penny doing some island-searching, otherwise, a great conclusion to an underrated season.

2. S1 - The Exodus Parts 1 and 2

I was curious how S1 was g
oing to end. It needed a solid conclusion and yet leave something for loyal fans to look foward to for S2. "The Exodus" pretty much delivered on every level. It seemed like Sawyer, Michael, Walt, and Jin were going to be rescued until the "Others" took the boy. The flashbacks surrounded the Losties just prior to the crash. It was a great way to wrap up the season. The explosion and stare down the hatch of Jack and Locke, LOST's two main characters, was a great final scene. S1 set the tone for this five year tv experience that has probably been the most fruitful in my tv viewing life.

1. S3 - Through the Looking Glass

I almost put "The Exodus" first, but it is really tough to
beat this. Losties versus the Others, the possibility of being rescued, and a surprise flash forward all rolled into one great episode. "Through the Looking Glass" is filled with great scenes, Sayid breaking necks, Locke killing Naomi, and Charlie's death at the hands of Mikhail name a few, but the S3 conclusion is all about the flash forward and especially its revelation in the final scene. I agree that at its worst, S3 had some of the most horrid episodes/moments/characters in LOST history, but at its best, S3 was nothing short of incredible. The second half of S3 is, in my opinion, the top group of episodes throughout the entire series. "Through the Looking Glass" is TV at its finest.

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