Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Top 50 All-Time Steelers

Even with all of this Penguin fever (sorry to bury your post Dave), it's never too early to start looking at the Steelers, or for that matter, look back at their history.

50. Jeff Reed
49. Gary Anderson - include kickers, but bury them at the bottom of the list
48. Justin Strzelczyk - RIP
47. Tunch Ilkin - good player? don't really know, but is a sweet analyst
46. Yancey Thigpen
45. Santonio Holmes - Super Bowl MVP, gets the nod over Burress
44. Willie Williams
43. Mark Malone - whatever happened to him on ESPN?
42. Joel Steed
41. Jeff Hartings
40. Bubby Brister
39. Heath Miller
38. Casey Hampton - best jersey
37. Ike Taylor
36. Merill Hoge - dominates "stink" Schlereth
35. Aaron Smith
34. Barry Foster
33. Kevin Greene
32. Dick Hoak
31. Rocky Bleier
30. Willie Parker
29. Joey Porter
28. Kordell Stewart
27. Neil O'Donnell - a tad above "slash" due to the SB appearance
26. Jason Gildon - never got as much credit as he should have

25. James Farrior - an underrated star
24. Louis Lipps
23. James Harrison - silverback
22. Ernie Stautner - pre 70s player in the HOF
21. John Henry Johnson - same as above
20. Andy Russell
19. Donnie Shell
18. LC Greenwood
17. Troy Polamalu
16. Alan Faneca - best guard in Steeler history?
15. Greg Lloyd - *beep*
14. Dermontti Dawson - definite Hall of Famer?
13. Rod Woodson
12. Jerome Bettis - canned by NBC
11. Lynn Swann - had all the acrobatic catches, not as productive as some others

10. John Stallworth - speaking of productive

9. Mike Webster

8. Hines Ward - how many more years?

7. Mel Blount - changed the pass interference rules because of him, Santonio Holmes' favorite player

6. Ben Roethlisberger - it's scary how good and accomplished he is already

5. Jack Ham - Penn State

4. Franco Harris - Penn State

3. Jack Lambert - probably a little more recognizable than Ham, is he better?

2. Terry Bradshaw - the most important position on the field, that's why he's ahead of Franco and the wide-outs

1. Joe Greene - The draft pick that started the 70s dynasty. Is Bradshaw considered the best qb of all-time? probably not. Is Franco Harris the best rb? probably not. But every all-time list has Joe Greene as the starting defensive end. The best player on the Steel Curtain defense that mentored every future hall of famer that was about to come to Pittsburgh in the 1970s is an easy choice for the best Pittsburgh Steeler of all-time.


Dave said...

you DID bury my post!

Jason said...

nobody cares about steelers right now!!!

Andy said...

it's tough concentrating on the Steelers during Pirate season

i'm such an idiot, i omitted my fantasy football namesake, Carnell Lake should be in the 20s or 30s