Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TV: LOST - Follow the Leader

Would it even be possible that, after a thrilling Pens victory in OT, I could be disappointed by an episode of LOST? I could probably watch a Sun flashback episode and still love it, that's how great I'm feeling. Nonetheless, 'Follow the Leader' rocked and here are some of my quick observations from the episode.

SUN is here....why?
Ok, ok, we get that Sun and Jin are going to have a teary reunion that makes us all believe in love again. But seriously, has she done anything this year? Hell. No. I love that Locke doesn't give a shit about reuniting her with Jin.

- "I watched them all die."
The symmetry of Richard Alpert going on Island adventures with Locke while also going on past Island adventures with Jack was lovely. Alpert's crazy revelation that he watches Jack and co. die in 1977 is mind-boggling for the following reasons. Suppose Jack blows the bomb and that's how Alpert knows they are dead. Are they really dead? Or did they create a new timeline and are living pretty?

Wiping the slate clean.
I get a little annoyed when Jack and Kate talk of fixing the future. Their sole motivation for blowing the bomb is that Oceanic 815 won't crash and Boone, Charlie, and everyone else are safe and go on to live their lives. Obviously, blowing the bomb has bigger repurcussions than that. If the Island blows up, it can be argued that no such plane ride will even exist. If the bomb blows, Widmore doesn't go off the Island to create Penny, which means Desmond never sees Jack at the stadium, etc. etc. I get a headache every time I think about this stuff.

"I'm gonna kill 'em."
Locke is awesome. Kill Jacob? What does that even mean? Is that even possible? Will the Great Christian intervene? Also, doesn't it kind of suck that the story is so focused on Jack changing the future... a future that includes Locke trying to kill Jacob? Jack's mission makes Locke's story irrelevant. This is part of the reason why I still believe the 'Whatever happened, happened' theory.

Ben and Jacob
If Ben hasn't seen Jacob, which Locke believes (Ben's look didn't dissuade him of that), then how could Ben have grabbed ghost Jacob by the shoulders in Season 3?

"What year were you born?"
With the exception of Locke's final line, this was my favorite scene of the episode. Don't mess with Pierre Chang. This side character continues to climb the power rankings with every episode he's in. In fairness, Hurley didn't stand a chance matching wits with the good doctor.

On the other hand...
Radzinksky continues to suck more and more with each episode he's in. How dare he try to usurp Horace's power! What a stupid face he has. I'm glad he pulls a Kurt Cobain.

Speaking of sucking...
Kate is terrible. Just terrible. LaFleur better-dealed her for the infinitely more attractive Juliet, and Jack pretty much tells her that he regrets ever knowing her, saying their relationship was full of "misery."


The previews show Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate on the Island. How and why does the sub get turned around? If the sub docks, does that mean Charlotte and Baby Miles don't get off the Island, because that would also change history?

I will be doing one of my epic running diary's for the Season 5 finale. For those who care at all, I did one for the Season 3 finale. But first, it's time for some predictions.

1. LaFleur will definitely kill Phil
2. Yep, the bomb will blow.
3. Ben and Sawyer will die.

4. Locke will kill/become Jacob, much like Tim Allen in the Santa Clause.

5. Kate will continue to Suck.


7. Somehow, Miles will stick around in the 70s with his pops.

8. We will have a cameo from a deceased 815er (probably Charlie)

9. Jack changes history, so guess who Locke sees when he goes to see Jacob? You guessed it. The doc. A twist that would make Lindelof cream in his pants.

10. The last scene of the episode will be in the new, altered timeline. I like the idea of Jack's eye opening to a new Bizarro Island.

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''This man, Jacob? Can he tell us how to bring Jin and the rest of our people back here?''