Thursday, June 4, 2009

Game 4 - Period 2 Running Diary

It's 1-1 after the 1st period. For whatever reason, when the Pens score, they seem to sit back and wait for the counterpunch. That needs to stop. The Pens need to play smart and go for the jugular.

9:15 - "The board is set. And the pieces are moving." - Gandalf

9:16 - That didn't take long. Brad Stuart. 2-1 Wings. I'm not sure why Bill Guerin was parked right in front of Fleury, but he didn't have a chance. I might throw up, but hopefully the players are more composed. We cannot let this get out of hand.

9:22 - Detroit continues to dominate this period. In all 4 games this series, Detroit has led in the game 2-1. It doesn't matter who scores first. As a fan, I'm getting sick and tired of them leading like this.

9:23 - Hold on to your butts. Just when they are starting to take control, Malkin commits a dumb penalty. Now would be a great time for a shorty.

9:27 - Oh my God. The world might be ending. Orpik goes off for tripping, and it appears that the Pens are going to have another awful 2nd period. BREAKAWAY!!! Malkin denied and hauled down.

9:29 - GUNNER STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! THE GREAT STAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!! OMGOMGOGGOMGOGGMOMG He just blew by Rafalski to score that shorty (told you it was coming). Staal is finally playing like the guy that we will be paying $4 million to. Now lets kill this penalty.

9:32 - THE GREAT CROSBY!!!!!!!! GOOAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! Is there anything more certain than a Malkin-Crosby 2-on-1? Wow wow wow wow wow. Malkin, for the second time in about 5 minutes, robs a defenseman blind to head up ice in a scoring opportunity. Crosby rules. Malkin rules. Mario is the king. Go Pens. The crowd is mental right now.

9:41 - agkhaopgaojlfaof PIG NOSE TYLER KENNEDY!!!!!4-2 Pens! The big dogs are out tonight, boys. Kunitz to Crosby to Piggy. UNBELIEVABLE!!! By the way, forget what I said about the Pens having another bad 2nd period. That was pretty stupid of me.

9:46 - Huge Ben Roethilisberger enjoying a huge regular burger. Everything is in alignment tonight.

9:53 - Wow. This crazy period ends with ANOTHER Malkin breakaway. He had to fire early because the clock was expiring, which is why it was stopped. Wow. Wow. Malkin is playing out of his mind. That's the third time he has pressured the point to steal the puck from the defensemen, resulting in 2 breakaways and a 2 on 1. That's insane.

I said before the start that the Pens needed to play smart and go for the jugular. They definitely went for the throat. After the initial surge by Detroit, the Pens dominated every aspect of play, scoring 3 goals in 6 minutes.

This is the first time that the Pens have played with a 2 goal lead. It'll be interesting to see how Detroit responds and how Pittsburgh reacts. I'm barely breathing over here and my dog is barking and jumping because I spent the period screaming and jumping.

Only 20 minutes left. See you when the 3rd starts.

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