Thursday, June 4, 2009

WEB: Between Two Ferns

The Hangover hits theaters tomorrow night, and not only does the great Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) appear in it, but it also has the villain from Wedding Crashers who was so-so as the rom-com sidekick in Failure to Launch and Yes Man (Bradley Cooper) and the bearded guy that might have been in that snowboarding movie with the London twin that WAS in Dazed and Confused (Zach Galifianakis). In case you are wondering, yes I am trying to point out that this movie has zero star power. Much like Adventureland, The Hangover is most notable for the director (the guy who directed Old School). Hopefully, like Adventureland, it will be a blast. To get you excited to see it, here is one of the webisodes of Galifianakis' show, Between Two Ferns. He plays a pretty jaded (and hilarious) celeb interviewer. The anti-Jiminy Glick, if you will. Enjoy.

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