Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Let's face it, Steeler fans. Nothing compares with what we are about to see. The Steelers played 19 games to win the Super Bowl this year. The showdown with the Cardinals was special and amazing, but we can all agree that the Super Bowl is 90% pregame hype and analysis, 10% actual game. The Penguins will play their 108th game of this season (not including exhibition). Their Super Bowl has been going on for 13 days and still they continue to battle. I have never been so invested in a sports team or sports moment as I am right now with Game 7 looming. Must I bust out the undefeated running diary? In case you're feeling a little bit nervous about walking back into the Joe, perhaps you need a confidence boost courtesy of William Wallace and friends.

As sons and daughters of the Burgh, you may think we are blessed with awesome sports teams (2/3 blessed, anyway). Well I don't remember the Cup years. As a Steeler fan, my patience and loyalty was tested in 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001, and 2004. Only after that came the glory. My memories of Penguins hockey revolve around choking in the playoffs to teams that suffocated us with defense: the Rats, the Great Brodeur, and the Big Red Machine. It's finally time to push through that barrier. Like everyone on this blog and certain Caped Crusaders, we never give up on the team.

It's hard to believe that all this pressure rests on the shoulders of a 21 year old, someone who plays with different linemates every year and still puts up insane numbers. This is what experts mean when they say he has the total package. Ovechkin can only help his team win by scoring goals, which is why he is currently out on the links wondering why his tee shots curve more than his hockey stick.

So, who will be the game 7 hero? What are the major storylines here?

- Maid Marian's decision to defect may lead him to a fate similar to Benedict Arnold ("I am NOT a DESERTER!"). If they lose, he goes down as the biggest goat in NHL history (unless he goes on to win a Cup in the future).

- Crosby and Malkin both need to show up. When one brings his A-game, the Pens keep it close, but the only game this series when they both stepped up, we dominated. It'll be hard for Crosby, who'll be shadowed by Big Hank all night, but there's a reason 87 is the best, and he needs to show it. Malkin gets to play against second-rate defensemen, so he should continue to be a monster with the puck and seal up the Conn Smythe.

- This game is going to have at least one soft goal, and whichever goalie surrenders it will suffer the loss.

- Fedotenko was Mr. Clutch for TB, scoring both goals to win the Cup in Game 7. Thanks to playing with Malkin, expect him to get plenty of chances.

- Mario "Christian Troy" Lemieux will continue to look imposing up in the luxury box with his Dasani and his hot wife.

- Expect to hear this: "WOW!!! Did you see that save by Chris Osgood?!? I'm telling you, Doc and Edzo, even though the Wings are trailing here late, he would still get my vote for the Conn Smythe. He has been phenomenal." *fart*

- Pens win 3-1
- GWG scored by Sergei Gonchar
- Wings fans say the refs handed us the game.

Survivors, wanna know what your playin for?

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Jason said...

When Fleury takes the mask off tonight -- and its JC VAN DAMME -- don't say you weren't warned......