Monday, June 15, 2009

Parade Pictures

Staff members Doob, Jay, Dave, and Andy were in attendance today at the Pens' celebration parade to take pictures, shoot videos, and do other crazy stuff (though probably not as crazy or rock n' roll as Alby). Here are the best of their pictures. The rest can be seen on Facebook.

Above: For his day with the Cup, how many people want Geno to eat his mom's soup out of it? Just me? Okay...

Wings fans like to joke that since Crysby is probably tired of Bettman kissing his ass, it's nice that he gets to do the kissing for a change. Har har. (Andy's pic)

"One More Year" Billy Guerin. You can tell he'd take a big pay cut to stick around.

The Highlight of the Day: Bourquey and the re-enactment of his famous "party on the river" quote.

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