Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stanley Cup Pics of the Day

Visiting once again with Mario Lemieux's pool, which I thought would be bigger. (Click to Enlarge)

Mario's awesome house. Suck it, Phillip Banks.

The S.S. Hal Gill using the S.S. Lord Stanley as a floaty.

Mario's desk. Two things stand out. Like me, Le Magnifique loves Dell Computers. Secondly, let's take bets on who are in the two photographs. I say Badger Bob and Jagr.

The Titanic of wine bottles.

sigh.... why don't I get invited to parties like this?

With apologies to Sid, Geno, and 66, these are probably the 3 most famous people in Pittsburgh right now. Also pictured is the girl from Harry Potter and a fat kid giving the stink eye.

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