Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TV: Rerun Season: Cable Reality Shows

Here we are again. Summer means the end to most of the original programming on the main networks. Sure, Dave will come on here and tell to watch the Philanthropist, but since you didn't listen to me when I asked you to watch Castle, you should ignore him as well. Normally, we use the Rerun Season section to show clips from our favorite shows (ROME, the Office, South Park, etc.) to pass the time until the heavyweights return in September. However, today I'd like to use this space to shed some light on the cable networks that are still running new episodes.

First up, we look to the Discovery Channel and the most intense reality show on TV, Deadliest Catch. For most of us, the appeal of the show is seeing these fisherman put life and limb on the line for the work they love. How can you not admire guys working 30 hour shifts in subzero temperatures? On the flip side, we also kind of enjoy the mayhem. Though we never want to see people get hurt, we do like the huge waves and chaos. Unfortunately for the Wizard, a giant wave crashes over the front of the boat while the deckhands are trying to put up a tarp. You can watch the scariness and the aftermath here. It's one of the more captivating Deadliest Catch moments.

Next, still on Discovery, is the much hyped Men vs. Wild episode featuring Will Ferrell. It did not help ticket sales for Land of the Lost, but it was especially interesting to see how a regular Joe tries to push through the same things that Bear Grylls does. The show had a lot of laughs, especially Ferrell tackling Bear to see if his Army Special Forces instincts would kick in (they did not). But the most dramatic moment came when Will was anchored in the snow and Bear was being lowered to the bottom of a frozen waterfall. After that fails, they end up burying 2 twigs (TWO TWIGS!!!!) in the snow and tying the rope to the twigs. The twigs successfully held the weight of two grown men and allowed them to get below.

Finally, since I wasn't able to embed any of the other videos, I wanted to turn to A&E's Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog has been a hero, a villain, and the subject of parody. He's quietly back on the air right now, and here's a clip of one of their arrests. It takes a lot of balls to throw the daughter on the ground and then run from the Dog.

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