Thursday, June 4, 2009


Above: Protective Papa Bear Mario stares down Lidstrom

This has been a pretty crazy Stanley Cup Finals so far. The Pens arguably outplayed the Wings in both games at the Joe, but bad breaks and bounces cause them to drop to 0-2. Then, at the Igloo, the Wings had their best game of the series and dominated the play, but the Pens win thanks to some stupid Detroit penalties. This is a completely different series than last years Cup Finals, but yet the results so far are the same. Game 4, in Pittsburgh, is going to be the heartbreaker once again. If the Pens win, the momentum may permanently tilt in their favor. If the Wings win, it's all but over. Tonight, I'll be doing a live running blog of the game (unless it's a Wings blowout, then I may check out early and play some PS3). To get me excited for the biggest game of the season, here are some quick hits from the series that interests me.

- Marian Benedict Hossa has 6 Goals, all of them coming in Game 4s of the playoffs. This makes tonight even more important for him. Sooner or later, like Crosby, he's going to have to take over a game to secure the Championship. If not, he'll go down as one of the biggest goats of all time.

- Speaking of Benedict, thus far he has 14 points (6, 8). His replacement on Crosby's line, Bill Guerin, has 15 points (7, 8). Although Hossa has been more of a factor this series than Guerin, I'd still like to say EAT IT, HOSSA!

- All of the Pens fans were complaining of the clutch and grab hockey we saw in the first 2 games. Even Edzo was pointing out interference plays that should be whistled by the refs. The hockey gods were smiling, because the refs whistled the Wings for interference in the 3rd, and Gonch netted the winner.

- Despite having that dreaded big screen outside of Mellon Arena, Game 3 was still the highest rated Versus show ever. Are you listening, NBC? LEAVE THE SCREEN UP!

- Anyone else get the feeling that they are bringing back Pavel Datsyuk a bit too soon? The boards were spreading rumors of a broken bone in his foot, and that his original return would be Game 5 in Detroit. But since the Wings don't want the series to get out of hand, they want him back for Game 4. Hart Finalist he may be, but I'd love to see him shadow Malkin with that bum foot of his.

Prediction: The Red Wings are tired and a little bit nervous. The Pens are determined and Crosby will finally have that breakout game. He scores a goal and 2 assists to secure the 4-1 victory.

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