Friday, June 5, 2009

Empire Magazine Follow Up

A couple of weeks ago, Dave posted a few preview images from Empire Magazine's 20th anniversary photo shoot, featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood reprising their greatest characters from the last 20 years. Go here to see the gallery that features a return to Silence of the Lambs, 300, the Bourne trilogy, and other blockbusters. Of course, you'd rather look at the best of the best, which is what I've posted here.

Another of Mel as Bill Wallace. Chills...

From left to right: Blue Steel, Le Tigra, Magnum, Ferrari

I thought nothing would be able to top the Braveheart pictures, and then I saw the leaders of free men. Congrats to Empire for not rounding up the hobbits for the photo shoot (I imagine it would be easy since they're probably not working). This is so much better. Gondor would be so proud...

Wow. I take it back. This is my new favorite, hands down. He looks just as he did 15 years ago, doesn't he? What does it say, that in an issue edited by Spielberg, the two actors picked to represent his work are Sam Neill for JP and Tom Cruise for Minority Report? I'd rather see Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley reunite instead of Cruise. For that matter, where was Hanks as Capt. Miller? Where is Hanks period!?!?

I know they want us to think Terminator for this one, but that cigar makes me think....
"Hey, Claudius????"

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