Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FILM: the Dark Knight (2 Headlines)

*Posted April 7, 2009*

Our second themed issue (#14), Batman week, much like Indy Week, was done to analyze and rank all the previous films and buzz about the upcoming release. I'd probably argue that the most exciting movie moment prior to the film's release was the grainy pirated Dark Knight trailer that we watched nonstop for an entire weekend. TDK was the biggest movie event of the year starring the biggest performance of the year. It was the subject of 2 separate Top Tens (Top 10 Batman Villains, Top 10 potential villains/actors for Batman 3). Andy, Dave, and myself all had this as the number one movie of the year, and it easily won the Best Picture FLOBY. There's no point in praising this film anymore than we already did.

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