Wednesday, April 29, 2009

POLITICS: Election Season (12 Headlines)

*Posted April 7, 2009*

The historic showdown between Hil-Rod and Obama was the catalyst that "birthed" this website. I admit that we grew sick and tired of the opinion writers at the PSU Collegian paper (they handled Obama with kid gloves). Soon enough, it seemed every week for the next month or 2 we had a fun article about the campaign. The DNC, RNC, and McCain v. Obama finale was also compelling, but nothing compared to Dick Morris and Bill O' breaking down campagin stump speeches from the Dems. The Presidential campaign was a huge letdown, obviously, but mostly because as the race progressed further and further, McCain's chances circled the drain faster and faster. A lot of us can say that the primary and then the Presidential election made politics interesting for the first ever. No matter the stinky outcome, it was a blast.

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