Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SPORTS: The One for the Other Thumb

*Posted February 7, 2009*

It's taken me a number of days to properly process and digest the game, and here is what I've come up with. Not only is it easily the greatest game of my lifetime (and come on old people, it's probably better than the 70's, too), and not only is this game being talked about as the greastest Super Bowl ever, but some respected (or at least very loud) journalists at the Worldwide Leader are hailing Super Bowl 43 as THE GREATEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL!!! For you kids scoring at home, there has probably been around 20,000 or so games in the Super Bowl era. This game had more back-and-forths than any in a long time, and we aren't just talking about turnovers here. You have to get in the mindset of a committed fan pulling for one side, ok? The Cardinals are marching down the field and are seconds away from taking the league, and Kurt "Jesus hates me" Warner throws a pick to a slow linebacker that needs the help of an 8-man Steeler convoy (where at least 6 Cardinals touched him along the way) to jussssssssst make it in the endzone with no time on the clock. One of the biggest momentum shifts in history. Upon further review, yes he was in, idiots. No proof on whether Harrison's knee landed on the ground or Larry Fitzgerald. Easy call. Also, imbeciles, Woodley's block on Hightower was NOT a block in the back, as Hightower was in the process of turning. And then there's the crazy fourth quarter to talk about. I guess you appreciate how epic this game is if you watch it in a bar with a LOT of Steeler haters (they certainly weren't Cards fans). Fitzgerald's first TD catch was out of this world, but then the Cards are forced to Punt on their next possession, but then they kick it down to the 2 (make it the 1 with the Harrison "penalty"), but then the Steelers appear to get out on 3rd and long, but then it comes ALLL the way back as a safety. I was saying before that play that a safety wouldn't be half bad, but to throw the completion and then give up the points (the bar was going nuts, and I was ready to die). Queue up Fitzgerald's second blast and Steeler Nation suffered a collective stroke. But then things swing back the other way with "THE Drive." Without a doubt, it was history making, and Big Ben is a lock for the HOF with that performance. I love how, as much as people like Skip Bayless keep defending Big Ben as a guy who couldve been MVP of the season, there are still morons on ESPN like Trent Dilfer and the other Hasselbeck that prefer to call him a game manager who holds the ball too long. You guys are fucking retards. If Huge Ben was a useless game manager, we would cut him after the championship season like the Ravens did to Dilfer. Anyway, this Super Bowl had about 14 HUGE plays. Boston homer and eternal Steeler hater Bill Simmons didn't want to hear people talking about this as the greatest Super Bowl ever (heaven forbid someone tops the Pats/Panthers or Pats/Giants games). He said that Fitzgeralds 60 yard catch was no more exciting than Isaac Bruces...that the 4th qtr was no more exciting that the 4th in the Pats/Panthers game....that the Drive was no more exciting than Montanas, that the Santonio catch was no more exciting that THE CATCH (no, not Dwight Clark's, silly. of course I mean loser Tyree). Even a child could see how bitter the Sports Guy is about this. Individually, he may be right, but to have ALL of this in one teeter-tottering game, the answer is YES, this is the Greatest Super Bowl of All Time.

MVP - Should've been Huge Ben, but Santonio was equally huge.

Goat - Rodgers-Cromartie was consistently run over by Santonio on a handful of WR screens, and then he was absolutely torched on that last drive. Who else would Ben have thrown to? Really? On my favorite play of the game, Big Ben pumped to the RB in the flat (RC bit haaarrrrrdddd), and then threw Santonio who ran 40 yards thanks to the safety falling on his ass.

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