Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: I Still Hate the Daily Show

*Posted April 13, 2009*

At the risk of having this issue be a little too right leaning, I still need to vent about this. Back in high school and college, the kids (including me) thought the Daily Show was cool because it was a show that had fun sticking it to the man. They took their shots at President Bush, but sometimes that needed to happen and it was pretty funny. But since Obama won the election, do you think the Daily Show would've kept that same "fuck the man" mentality? Nope. Instead, Steward enjoys ripping into whining GOPpers who criticize the Obama administration. He likes going after Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O, and Sean Hannity, but rarely takes on the Prez. The other day, he said "You see, now YOU'RE in the minority. It's supposed to taste like a shit taco." He was referring to Republicans getting upset with a President, who they didn't vote for because they didn't agree with his policies, now doing things they disagree with. Shocker.
My point is:
1). You can't expect the GOPpers to NOT be upset with what Obama is doing, so making fun of them for it is useless.

2). Whenever legitimate newspeople criticize the Daily Show, Stewart likes to play the "we're a fake news show; it's about comedy" card, but then he still allows others to call him the "next Edward R. Murrow" who so courageously takes on CNBC and Jim Cramer. It's irresponsible and misguided to blame Cramer and CNBC for their role in the mess. To compare, let's say you place a bet with your bookie that the Steelers will beat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl, but Big Ben cheats, throws the game, and you lose all your money. Is it really effective if Jon Stewart blasts the bookie for causing this?!? NOOOOO!!! You're a moron for taking a risk, and Big Ben is resposible for cheating, but the bookie is just a middleman!! No matter what odds he gives you, you are the one who has to take responsibility.
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