Wednesday, April 29, 2009


*Posted April 7, 2009*

With apologies to Barry Obama, there might no other person in the country more polarizing than OctoMom, whatever her name is. We all know the story. This mentally sick woman was sad as a kid growing up by herself, so, father figure be damned, she decided to artificially give birth to a total of 14 sprouts. We can blame her fertility doctor for loading her up with 8 embryos even though she couldn't afford the 6 kids she aleady had (the doc is responsible for those, too). We could blame OctoMom for firing the FREE NANNIES that were helping her at home. But the end, we should blame the American people who sympathized with her and donated enough money so she could afford to go shopping for million-dollar homes. As my brother said (and emailed to her), he already donates enough to her through the taxes that most honest Americans have to pay. Freeloaders suck, and so does the OctoMom, the Top Ten 2008-09 Worst Person of the Year!

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