Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: 24 Running Diary

*Posted March 28, 2009*

Hey folks, I haven't done one of these in a while, and now it's time to settle in to the next big episode on 24. Last we left off, Senator Red from That 70's Show took 3 in the chest and died. The assassin v. Bauer match ended in an epic showdown that invovled a trailer and a bulldozer left the assassin dead, but he confirmed one vital thing: The weapons are already here!!!!!!

8:02 - The Feds are still after Bauer, but this time they're after him for killing a United States SENATOR!!! FBI Boss Moss constantly wavers between moron leader and sometimes-cool agent. Right now, after standing up the Chief of Staff Warden Norton, he's definitely the sometimes-cool agent.

8:04 - What a day this has been. Let's recap real quick. Imagine one day where hundreds of civilians are killed in a terrorist attack, the White House is under seige from soldiers who kidnap the President, and now a U.S. Senator has been assassinated, and THE DAY IS ONLY HALF OVER!?!?!?!?

8:05 - The First Gentleman is alive and recovering from his surgery (another big shock from the day), and although we've only seen limited screen time of him this season, he's still a cool dude.

8:07 - Don't you hate how many times they have to have this typical conversation on 24:

Person 1: Bad news, so-and-so is dead.

Person 2: WHAT?!?! How is that possible?

I'm getting sick of it.

8:09 - Warden Norton resigns for his role in letting Bauer out in a scene that is unnecessarily longer than it should be. It must mean that he's done for the year.

8:10 - Tony Almeida is reteaming with Jack to storm the port and get the guns. Ten bucks says this random Port Authoriy guy dies, probably by way of a broken neck.

8:15 - Jon Voight correctly assumes that Bauer knows what's up, and continues to offer weird little lines like (in reference to some private corporate big wigs) "They're 6 year olds. They just have to eat their carrots."

8:18 - Voight - "Starkwood is not in the business of political assassination. But maybe we should look into it..... I hear it's a growth market..." oooooo I love this guy. He's like his NSA boss from Enemy of the State, only funny.

8:20 - Bad guys are at the dock to get their weapon. Hah! Bauer promises the n00b that he's got his back in a gunfight, but Tony rolls his eyes like "yeah right, you're gonna die."

8:29 - Tony: "Forget it Jack, he was dead the minute he stepped out that door. You and I both know that." Told you, he's a goner.

8:31 - Olivia (President's daugher/new chief aide) is a big old bitch. I don't like her one bit.

8:32 - Ohhhh Olivia DID leak the story about Warden Norton to the press. I told you she was dirty.

8:37 - Boss Moss is starting to put together Bauer's innocence, and not only that, but the whole Starkwood conspiracy!!!! Too bad hot Renee isn't playing ball.

8:40 - Yay! Jack's gonna make a play to save the n00b! Or is he?

8:41 - IS HE!?!?!?!

8:42 - YES!!!! He is! And he did! Now it's time for a good old fashioned Western gunfight.

8:43 - So before this battle takes place, obviously we know that Jack and Tony can't win because that would end the big threat for the rest of the season. Any chance one our boys take a bullet?

8:44 - Jack and Tony kill 4 bad guys, but the truck gets away after an unusally heroic move by the bad guy crane operator.

8:45 - Wow, this is just like the ark truck scene in Raiders. Bauer just got control of the weapon, but Tony has been captured!

8:51 - Time for the home stretch, Boss Moss and Jack are on the same page now and Larry's going to help him out by putting out an 'interagency alert,' whatever that is...

8:53 - The bad guys have caught up to Jack and the weapon with great ease, and are now in control of it. Jack barks "Damnit!!!" which means the good guys lose this round.

8:56 - On top of that, Jack was exposed to the bioweapon. Why wouldn't the bad guys try to finish him off? Who knows, but the episode ends here.

Much like LOST this past week, this episode was transitional. The important things to remember:

1. the President's daughter is a bitch.

2. Tony is being held hostage.

3. Jack violated his main role by saving one man (port authority agent) by blowing his cover and risking thousands of innocent lives. There's still hope for him and Renee. Time for Castle!!!

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