Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: L O S T (1 Headline)

*Posted April 7, 2009*

The subject of 3 separate Top 10s and it's own themed week (Issue 37), LOST roared back in a big way. We can all agree that Season 3 started slow, but the second half of season 3, all of season 4, and just about all of Season 5 have been nearly perfect. Despite only having one headline, I wouldn't be surprised if we talked about LOST more than any other topic on this site, and for reason. I'd like to take a moment and remind everyone that both Andy and Dave would be clueless about the show if it wasn't for me. When I was a sophomore, I skipped an afternoon of classes and forced Andy to watch disc 1. Later that week, I forced Dave to watch disc 1. From then on out, we watched Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 together, hatching crazy theories, predictions, and lame jokes. It kind of sucks watching Season 5 by myself, but Mrs. Herb is slowly becoming a fan. If I ever wanted to pull a Kutner, I would at least wait until the end of the show before blowing my brains out.

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