Wednesday, April 29, 2009

POLITICS: Obama Hates R-tards?

*Posted March 28, 2009*

Since Obama is so trendy, he did the cool thing and appeared on Leno this past week, and when Leno took a shot at Obamamania's bowling skills, the Pres replied, "It's like - it was like Special Olympics or something." Much like his comment about rednecks clinging to their guns and religion, this was an incredibly stupid thing to say, but it also may not have been inaccurate. Let's face it. Rednecks do like their guns and religion, and Obama does in fact bowl like a retard. I really didn't mind the comment that much, mostly just because it was huge slip for the world's biggest public speaker to make. The bigger concern on my mind is, is the left okay with Obama's cool routine? Ooooo, he's on Leno making jokes. OOOooo he's on ESPN talking about his bracket. OOoooo he has his weekly YouTube show. And let's not forget the trendy Blackberry. Coach K said something along the lines of "Doesn't Obama have better things to do, like fix the economy?" After his bowling comments, former VP nom Sarah Palin spoke out in disappointment because it's a cheap shot at folks like her baby because it makes them seem worse than regular folks. The sad thing is that on message boards on websites like Digg, where the story was posted, lefty loonies would rather bash Palin and her "attempt to get back in the spotlight" then hold Obama to task. Some days I actually feel bad for Obama because it seems like his election brought on the wave of liberal activism and free reign to push their agenda. The massive porkulus spending bill was just a big fat handout to liberal pet projects like AmTrak (it's not like they've been profitable in 4 decades), and when critics barked at Pelosi, she snapped "We won the election, we write the bill." If the Joker is like a dog chasing cars, the Dems are like a dog too long tied to the porch. Now that they're untied, they are scrambling like mad to indulge every whim. But I digress. The point is, Palin was certainly in line by voicing her disapproval, but Obama's comments were not the worst thing in the world. It just makes him seem dumb.

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