Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV: LOST is Back!

*Posted January 28, 2009*

Thanks to DVR, I have watched the 2 hour LOST premiere 5 times in the last week, but my feelings are still mixed. Everyone kept saying beforehand how this season would confusing and daring because of all the time travel elements. It's not. Anytime something happens, they had to spell it out for us and idiot Sawyer. Hopefully in future episodes they'll just roll with it and trust that we can keep up. The show seems so different from the glorious Season 1, and that's part of the disappointment...for the past 2+ seasons, we haven't had the whole cast together in one place; no war council meetings between Jack, Locke, and Sayid. But it's useless to dwell on that kind of wishful thinking, I'll just get into what I liked and disliked about the premiere event.

LIKED - The idea of time travel. If executed intelligently, it can be a lot of fun.

DISLIKED - Not executing time travel intelligently. Desmond can't see Sawyer because he doesn't know him in the future, but Ethan can shoot Locke in the leg and hold a rifle to his face without remembering him a few years later?

LIKED - Giving Desmond a storyline, but if it doesn't result with him back on the Island, it's not worth it.

DISLIKED - More Oceanic 6. Seriously writers. It's the fuckin' premiere. We spent all last season knowing what happens to the Oceanic 6 for three goddamn years once they get off the Island. So why waste the first individual episode on Hurley crying about lying? MORE ISLAND DRAMA!!!

LIKED - C.S. Lewis. Looking good.

DISLIKED - C.S. Lewis nosebleed. Don't kill her off before we find out her story!

LIKED - The name Frogurt.

DISLIKED - The death of Frogurt.

LIKED - Hurley explaining the first 4 seasons (condensed) of LOST to his mother in about a minute.

LOVED - Hurley's awesome mother believing him.

Final thoughts:

After watching Back to the Future the other day, I'm convinced that Charlotte is suffering from Marty McFly syndrome. In a less-80s way, she is ceasing to be because the Island is back in the 70's where she was conceived, and since Locke and co. have just captured what I believe to be Charlotte's father, perhaps he won't get to go hom and make love to Ms. ....hmm... I wonder why she forgot the name.....?

Are we to believe that the Island is done skipping for now since they've captured the Dharma soldiers? Is the Island the only thing that moves through time (that is, if Locke gets off 70's era Island, will he land in present day USA)? When will we see Michelle Dessler from 24? As far as premiere events go, this season is sadly the worst of the 5 (no wonder it got beat by Criminal Minds AND rookie show Lie To Me).

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