Wednesday, April 29, 2009

VIDEO GAMES: LOST Via Domus Review

*Posted January 18, 2009*

If this was not a LOST video game, it would be nothing special. The graphics are amazing. The puzzles are challenging and interesting. The environment is constantly changing. But the main character is a major douchebag, and it all falls apart from there. You play as a passenger of 815, a journalist named Elliot who has amnesia. So you both are trying to solve his past, and how he made it on the plane. Well, even though his crazy backstory is a pretty cool one, he's still a tool. I would have rather played as a rotating cast (discover the caves as Jack, explore the hatch with Locke, etc.). Still, you get to walk around all the coolest LOST locations. The beach starts as the plane wreckage and as the game progresses, it evolves into a more developed camp. You get to walk through all the Swan, Pearl, Hydra, and Flame stations (all awesome). You head out to the Black Rock. You even get to run from the Smoke Monster (that gets a little annoying over time). There's a crazy twist ending written by loser Damon Lindelof, and the whole arc of the game is pretty satisfying, yet I don't know why it still stinks. The voice acting is terrible, but the look and movement of the characters are great. The game can be beaten on a lazy Saturday afternoon, and there's not much replay value. I suggest you rent the video game just so you can walk around the beach and chat with the various LOSTies.


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