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*Posted March 28, 2009*

Season 5 of LOST is rolling right along, and I for one think it has been great. Maybe two episodes, The Lie and the Little Prince were sub par, but the rest have been very solid. Amidst all of the top lists of scenes, characters, and crazy theories some LOST moments during the past five seasons have been pretty crappy. Here is a look at my three worst moments in LOST history.

3. Matthew Abaddon gets Killed

This has been the only moment in Season 5 that has really upset me. I was expecting so much more from his character. His limited action in Season 4 was awesome with his visit to Hurley in the loony bin and convincing John Locke to go on the Walkabout. His mysteriousness and coolness made me once think that he was maybe Jacob. In the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, great episode, Abaddon gets his most screen time. But we realize he is just Charles Widmore's assistant and is chauffeur to John Locke. While shuttling Locke around he gets shot and killed, presumably by Ben, thus ending his short LOST career. I'm not so much mad at LOST writers for ending his character, just more mad at myself for thinking he had much more potential and was essential to the LOST storyline.

2. Stranger in a Strange Land

Why does clean-cut leader Jack have a goofy tattoo on his shoulder? This episode in Season 3 tries to explain it, but why, who really cares. The parallel of Jack's past in Thailand and his time with the Others does make sense a little, but it comes out really flat in this episode. How important is Jack to the island? He is "special" like Locke or is he a stranger in this strange land? The episode contains two of Lost's worst side characters: Achara, Jack's love interest in Thailand, and Isabel, the Other's mysertious constable. The best part of this episode was Juliet, she usually comes through. I really like Season 3, but the first half of the season had some dud episodes. Stranger in a Strange Land was certainly one of them.

1. Nikki and Paulo

Sometimes LOST gives too much attention to worthless side characters, Arzt and Frogurt come to mind, hell throw in Rose and Bernard, but has there been anything worse in the LOST universe than Nikki and Paulo? To top it all off, they even got one whole episode with their own terrible backstory. Side charcters with the Others and Dharma (i.e. Mikhail and Horace) are pretty cool, even backstory side characters, but when it comes to the main Losties, stick to the main characters. Expose and Stranger in a Strange Land will hopefully go down as Lost's two worst episodes. At least Stranger had Jack and Juliet, in Expose we were stuck with Nikki and Paulo. Thank goodness they were killed off.

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