Thursday, April 30, 2009

Season 5 of Lost: Best Yet?

I know, I know, not even to the season finale yet, but the fifth installment of LOST has been so pure, and the end chapter of this season, "The Incident", sounds like an epic already. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode the "Sniffing Accountant" when George is interviewing to become a bra salesmen and the guy says, "Well, I think I can say, barring some unforeseen incident, that you'll have a very bright future here at ED Granmot." Costanza, of course, screws it up, but that's not important here, what is the "incident" that the fifth season has been slowly building up to? And how will that event change/alter the past/present/future. I don't consider myself a sci-fi geek but this shit is awesome.

The nuts and bolts of S5: "Because You Left" and "The Lie" were probably average for season openers, but I liked them more than most people did. "Jughead" awesome, island history, i.e. Widmore and Eloise as Others/Hostiles. "The Little Prince" sucked because of Kate. "This Place is Death" shows Rousseau and arguably the best scene of the season with Locke meeting Christian in the Orchid. "316" as well as "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" return to LA and shows the process the Oceanic Six takes to head back to the island, both very solid. We then move into the Dharma Initiative with "LaFleur" and "Namaste", how about that sneak peek, or look back at the statue, what does lay in the shadow of it? "He's Our You" follows Sayid, best character, why he came/was forced back to the island and that he shot Ben, where exactly is that Iraqi now? Another Kate episode with "Whatever Happened, Happened," not bad, not great. A Ben episode with "Dead is Dead," always pure, although the Smoke Monster was a little bit of a letdown. And we finally get Miles with "Some Like it Hoth" and Faraday with "The Variable." With two episodes left, there have only been a small amount of average to below average 'sodes in the entire season. Not bad at all. Season one had some duds as well as Charlie and Shannon. Season two had the tail section crew minus Eko. Season three had some snoozers as well as Nikki and Paulo. And four had, well, the writer's strike. If "The Incident" is great, best season ever?

What has intrigued me about Lost and more specifically the island itself over its 100 episodes? Probably its mysteries: the Others, Rousseau, Dharma, etc. Not only do we get to see how these people and events have unfolded, but the main characters are wrapped up in them. Back to Seinfeld, probably my favorite all-time show, Lost a close second. Seinfeld's best season in my opinion was Season 4 in which they produced their pilot "Jerry," virtually a show within a show. Look what Lost is doing now, events within events divided by years of time yet happening at the same time. Time travel and crazy theories and yet a non-nerd like me gets it, well, kinda, a mark of great entertainment.

I think you can comment on these. Please do. Opinions: favorite seasons, predictions for the finale.


Herb said...

Season 1 is still best season of any show ever, but Season 5 is definitely second best LOST season. Do you believe that the events of the "Incident" will fall in line with the 'Whatever Happened, Happened' theory, or will the efforts of Jack and co. force a time paradox and alter history? I'm hoping for the former, but I bet the latter happens (still awesome).

Dave said...

1, then 4, then maybe 5. i have to rewatch 2 to be sure. weak jack = weak season.

Andy said...

Herb, I think you're right, whether the past stays the same or it's "changed," both would be awesome. Do feel different (positive or negative) about Season One because we all DVDed it as opposed to watching it on a week-by-week basis. It seems like there is so much anticipation for Wednesdays now, one of the reasons I'm leaning S5 over S1.

Dave, Jack will be a part (major part) of the finale.

Best Seasons - 1, 5
Middle - 3 (no love for 3 from you guys?)
Worst (although they are still so good) - 2, 4

Herb said...

My thoughts on season 3 are as follows:

- At its best (Through the Looking Glass, the Man Behind the Curtain, Flashes Before Your Eyes), it was leagues ahead of Season 2.

- At its worst (weed farm, cages, stupid death of Eko, Nikki and Paolo, Stranger in a Strange Land), Season 3 was, by far, the worst season.

That's why I would rank the seasons as follows:

Season 1: A+
Season 2: B+
Season 3: B
Season 4: A-
Season 5: A