Thursday, April 30, 2009


James Purefoy, best known as the hard-living, harder-loving Antony on HBO's universally acclaimed Rome, has found a new home on NBC this summer. Keep an eye peeled during NBC broadcasts for a sneak peek of this new hour long drama. Straight from, here's what the network has to say about their so called "rebel with a cause":

"The Philanthropist" chronicles the heroic adventures of a billionaire playboy turned vigilante philanthropist. James Purefoy ("Rome") stars as Teddy Rist, a successful and impulsive tycoon who decides to channel his passion, power and money into helping those in need.

Teddy Rist loves women, money and power. After the tragic death of his only child, Teddy has an awakening and becomes the world's first vigilante philanthropist -- a renegade billionaire who uses his wealth and connections to help people in need. Instead of spending $25,000 a plate at a fundraiser, he's dodging bullets in third world countries to hand deliver vaccines. It's an inspiring global adventure that will take you to the ends of the earth.
Rist's actions are not just about helping others -- he is purging his soul to help exorcise the inner demons that have been festering ever since his young son died and he lost everything he truly loved. The danger and risk to his life is the only way he can feel genuinely alive and he'll do anything in order to achieve his goals.

A man who has everything but can feel nothing, Rist keeps his adrenaline pumping by putting his business head and money-making skills to good use through bargaining with the self-righteous, making deals with drug barons, and trading with the nefarious.

"The Philanthropist" boasts a heady cast of established and up-and-coming talent. Purefoy takes on the lead role of Teddy Rist, Jesse L. Martin ("Law & Order") plays Teddy's business partner and friend Philip Maidstone, and Neve Campbell ("Burn Up") plays Philip's wife Olivia.

Personally, I think the summer offers up tub loads of generic shit, but if Burn Notice (and even the Nip/Tuck series premiere long ago) taught me anything, it's that a gem can sneak through no matter what time of year it is. What worries me is that it does seem to fall right into network primetime's trend of the year; while last year was the year of the flawed, complex heroine (Saving Grace, Damages, The Closer), this time around, the men get their chance (Lie to Me, The Mentalist, Castle) While this series may have been white noise in the fall or spring, summer may end up being the perfect spot for it. I'll definitely be tuning in.

For some choice quotes and insight about the show from Purefoy himself (including advice he received from fellow Roman Lucius Vorenus!!) , follow the link below.

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