Wednesday, April 29, 2009

VIDEO GAMES: Madden Cover for 2010

*Posted April 13, 2009*

To coincide with the NFL Draft, Madden football will announce this years cover boy. They already sent out a list of potential candidates, including Ben Roethlisberger, Adrien Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Troy Polamalu, and Ed Reed. There are some rumors swirling about that they may try something revolutionary this year and have more than one person on it, like Polamalu covering Fitz. In 2006, Big Ben was also a finalist that year, but the honor went to Shaun Alexander. That year, Alexander was bit by the Madden curse and had broken bones in his foot and ended with a terrible season. He has since been released by the Seahawks. In spite of the curse, I still think should be Big Ben's year. He has suffered car crashes, knee injuries, and concussions every season anyway so I don't think the curse could throw anything more at him. But last year they went with QB Brett Favre, so what are the chances of them going with another QB?

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