Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NEWS: O'Reilly Hammered for Defending Palin

*Posted April 13, 2009*
Eminem recently released a music video that pokes fun at many women who were famous this past year. Among them are Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Sarah Palin. In the song and music video, Eminem refers to fucking the former VP nominee. We all know Eminem pushes boundaries and has a history of degrading women with his music. In my opinion, it doesn't really bother me because I don't listen to him anyway. But Bill O took exception to his barbs on Palin, and criticized him on the Factor. He believes that while it's absolutely insulting to ALL women that this stuff is allowed to be put on air in and in stores, it's even more disturbing that no one is sticking up for Palin. O'Reilly was the only one in the media to come to her aid, and he claimed that if it had been Hillary Clinton in the song, or, heaven forbid, Michelle Obama, the media would've been up in outrage. I think he's right. If anyone took a public shot at Michelle Obama, especially if it refers to sex, we wouldn't hear the end of it. So that's O'Reilly's opinion and you can judge for yourself if he's right or not, but to prove his point further:
A few days after I saw his piece on the Factor, I finally saw the story picked up in the mainstream media. Yahoo's front page story was from one of their writers, and it was a blog that came out AGAINST O'Reilly. The headline was "Spoof Condemned by O'Reilly." The title and subject of this article was about Bill criticizing Eminem, AND NOT Eminem insulting Palin. Again, whether you think Bill is right to call out the rapper is one thing, but this article, and the others like it, should prove his point that the media doesn't care of defending Sarah Palin.

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